Kenning Class Swap!

This week in English, year 4 have been learning all about a new type of poetry called ‘Kennings’ (these are a little like a riddle). Once we had completed our poems, we swapped classes and tried to guess what each person had been describing in their poems. It was lots of fun! Here are some photos…

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Happy Easter from Buddy!

Thank you to Violet for Buddy’s new Easter toy box! He has been very tempted to eat it but is learning to leave it!



4C’s Litter Picking Adventure!

As part of ‘Keep Britain Tidy’s Great British Spring Clean’ 4C walked to Sheepfoot Lane last week to begin to clear some of the litter. Below are some before, during and after pictures. There was a lot of litter around, but hopefully we’ve made a difference with our efforts! We had a lot of fun caring for our local environment.










Cirque de Malandra Jacks

2K had an amazing afternoon with Chloe and Josh and their ‘Cirque de Malandra Jacks’ circus themed workshop.

All of the clowns (aka children) wowed Chloe and Josh with their talented tight rope walking, tremendous ribbon twirling and quick ping pong ball passing!

Well done 2K!


Year 1 circus training


Cooking Club Easter Art Delights

Look how fantastic this edible creation is! Cooking club – this is one to be really proud of! Well done to the Cooking Club Team!

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Year 1 gingerbread man science investigation

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