Buddy’s 1st Birthday!

Buddy will be 1 next Thursday! To celebrate in school, if you would like to, you can come wearing his colours – black, white and grey!

You’ll be seeing him on his birthday and you will be able to wish him a happy day and sing to him too!


Ancient Egypt

Yellow Brick Road widened our historical horizons with an immersive workshop on Ancient Egypt. Timelines, drama and artefacts helped us remember important facts about their Gods and major discoveries.


Vegetables Salad

We enjoyed making a salad using the vegetables from ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’. We practised using our chopping skills and talked about the importance of eating healthy. During milk and story time we tasted our salad and tried to describe how the vegetables tasted.

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Digging up Oliver’s Vegetables


Year 4’s Freddie Fit Fun

Year 4 had a ‘ball’ of a time this morning. Our favourite activity was the challenge of trying to score the most points by throwing our team ball into our team basket. Here are some photos!


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Exploring forces in science in 5H.

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Buddy’s Holiday!

Lots of you have been asking what Buddy did over the Easter holidays. Just like you, he enjoyed some time away and had a lovely holiday in Wales. Here he is enjoying a ride on a boat and sprinting over the sands and in the sea! He loves the fresh air!


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Planting our potatoes.


Keeping Our Environment Clean.

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Flat Stanley’s Adventures

Year two have written their own amazing Flat Stanley adventure stories.  Today they shared them with year three.  Everyone in year three enjoyed finding out about what happened to Flat Stanley during his adventures.