Reception’s day as farmers

On Friday Reception had a very exciting visit form a farm. They learnt lots of fantastic information about sheep, goats, chickens, ducks and alpacas. We all had a go at feeding and touching the animals.


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Gingerbread man baking in Year 1

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Farm at School

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When Buddy Met an Alpaca!

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4C’s Wonderful Globes

We’ve started our new topic ‘My Manchester’ this week and to help us locate Manchester within our world we have started to make our very own papier mache world globes.┬áHere are some pictures of the beginning of our process – we got very VERY sticky!! We’ll post some pictures of our final products when we have finished.



World Book Day writing

As part of World Book Day 5B took inspiration from JK Rowling’s Harry Potter books. The young wizard’s search for an injured unicorn is introduced below. Please click on the comments to this post to read the children’s own continuation…


Hagrid escorted the young wizards deep into the Forbidden Forest searching for clues. Melted into a small hollow, he discovered a pool of rich, silvery unicorn blood shimmering in the night.

Realisation slowly crept over Harry’s face – he must search for the mortally injured beast. An excited, yet curdling chill ran down his spine and Harry set off into the hidden depths.

Ayah’s watercolour painting of the scene.


Last Hatching Chick


Our Reading Buddy

Buddy enjoys his reading sessions – he is learning to sit nicely and listen while children in 2C read to him. He is sometimes tempted to give them a kiss but he knows he is supposed to sit still! He enjoys being stroked and tickled while the children read to him. I don’t know if the Year 2 children or Buddy enjoy it more! What do you think?

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World Book Day!

What a fantastic time we had on World Book Day! 2C enjoyed dressing up, learning about our Author Roald Dahl and completing fun activities. We created dream catchers for the BFG, designed a new Wonker bar and created a new marvellous medicine for George!


Maths can be fun!

We used our orienteering skills to solve problems using decimals and place value.

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