4M have a police visit

We have been enjoying out latest Topic – Crime and Punishment.  We have gone back in time and looked at different crimes and how criminals used to be punished thousands of years ago.  We have covered Roman, Tudor and Viking law – it was time to move into the present!

We were delighted to welcome two officers from the Greater Manchester Police, who told us all about modern day crime and punishment.  The officers were impressed not only by the superb listening of the class, but also the intelligent questions that were being asked. The children got to handle some real police kit too and even got to see Mr Myatt arrested.  That’ll teach him!  Well done 4M!


  1. Mrs Jacques says:

    Is that Mr Myatt in handcuffs?! Oh dear!

  2. bvumar says:

    Wow. This looks like such a brilliant treat and I bet everyone enjoyed it.

  3. bvcallum says:

    how long did it take mr myatt to escape the handcuffs

  4. bvfaatimah says:

    It looks like loads of fun.I am sure you have learnt lots of information.

  5. bvzaynap says:

    This looked fun! Crime and punishment is a good topic.

  6. bvsummer says:

    wow year 4 it looks like you have learned and have had an amazing time! Oh no Mr Myatt is in handcuffs!

  7. bvpreeti says:

    You must have had lots of fun with the police!

  8. bvflorina says:

    well done.

  9. Mohammed Dogar Ali says:

    Wow this looks interesting I wish I was there singed , by Mohammed D

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