Clippy Island

Today, 6M did an experiment called ‘Clippy Island’ to understand the process of natural selection.  They imagined that they were birds with different beaks and they had to see how much food they could pick up in thirty seconds.

The children found out that beak size affects survival rates in birds!



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Buddy’s Readers

Buddy enjoys listening to children read. At the moment he listens to 2 children from 2C a few times each week.

He is learning to sit nicely while they read to him and he has learned that he is not allowed to lick the books!

The children really enjoy reading to Buddy, he doesn’t even mind if you make a mistake!

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Buddy – before and after

You might think a different school dog has come to BV today! But fear not – it’s still Buddy Bowker! He had a hair cut at the groomers at the weekend so we can see much more of his beautiful colours now!

He’s much slimmer than lots of you thought he was – just showing how much of a fluffy coat he had! He’ll need to keep his school jumper on to keep him warm until it grows back a bit!

Do you prefer the before or after look?


How well do you know your 3D shapes and 2D nets?

We made a dodecahedron! How many faces were there (not including children!)? What shape is each face?


Here is the net for the dodecahedron.


Rights Respecting Parliament

Our Year 5 Learning Ambassadors made history on Friday the 25th of January when they attended the first ever Rights Respecting Children’s Parliament at Manchester Enterprise Academy. Bowker Vale was one of fourteen schools representing children’s views about Global Goals and their links to the UNICEF Rights Respecting Articles. It was very interesting to hear from Councillor Rahman and MP Mike Kane.

In their groups, the children worked with children from other schools to decide which Global Goal was the most important to them. History was made when the children voted on the top five Global Goals which they intend to campaign about. The next step will be to decide on which of those Global Goals children at Bowker Vale would like to do something about and begin to think about a campaign. Well done everyone!





4M have a police visit

We have been enjoying out latest Topic – Crime and Punishment.  We have gone back in time and looked at different crimes and how criminals used to be punished thousands of years ago.  We have covered Roman, Tudor and Viking law – it was time to move into the present!

We were delighted to welcome two officers from the Greater Manchester Police, who told us all about modern day crime and punishment.  The officers were impressed not only by the superb listening of the class, but also the intelligent questions that were being asked. The children got to handle some real police kit too and even got to see Mr Myatt arrested.  That’ll teach him!  Well done 4M!


6M Art

With our current topic being The Water Cycle, the children will shortly be producing some artwork to complement their learning.

They spent some time practicing how to mix blue, white and black paint to produce graduated shades.


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Freddie Fit Fun!

One way to chase away the winter blues is a Freddie Fit session in the hall.

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A fantastic start to the Spring term

The SSC class have had a fantastic start to their term. It was super exciting to receive a copy of our class book ‘Marcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx’ from illustrator and author Joe Todd-Stanton. We are very lucky to have won this prize.


We also had a fantastic time on our class trip to Manchester Museum. The class travelled on the tram and the bus to get to the museum. Whilst at the museum, we saw lots of exciting exhibits such as the dinosaurs and the fossils. We are really looking forward to creating our own ‘Ancient Egyptian’ museum this half term.


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A busy week for year three

Year three had a busy but fun week last week.  At the start of the week, they performed an assembly to tell their parents all about their topic Ancient Greece.  Towards the end of the week, they had a visit from Yellow Brick Road, who taught them all about their new topic, which is Stone Age to the Iron Age.