Recovery mode

Recovering materials is big business and essential for our health. Recycling centres expertly sort mixed waste and sewage works do the job of cleaning our dirty water. Year 5’s Challenge was to recover metal, pebbles, sand and sugar from water using magnets, sieves, filters and evaporation.


6M – remembering the soldiers

On Friday 9th November, we visited Blackley Forest to participate in a short ceremony to remember the soldiers who have fought for us.

Some of the children in 6M had written some powerful poems, which they wanted to share with all those who joined us on this special morning.

Their writing highlighted the sacrifices the soldiers made, the struggles they faced and how grateful we are for everything they did for us.

Their poems will be kept and displayed for the next 12 months in a memory book, which will be found at our memorial bench in Blackley Forest.





6M WW1 memorial clay modelling

6M have been exploring WW1 memorials during topic lessons. They have studied and evaluated the qualities that an effective memorial has.

Using what they have learned, they have gone on to design what they think would be a fantastic memorial. They have explored different materials and methods, and decided that clay would be the most effective material to work with.

They thoroughly enjoyed creating and modelling their clay memorials.




Premier Inn

This afternoon, our Learning Ambassadors visited the Premier Inn to find out about the building work taking place there.

At first, the children looked in a room in the Premier Inn to see what the finished version would look like.

Then they visited the Triton building site and met Lee, the Site Supervisor.  Lee helped the children to learn about site safety.  The children also found out that the new part of the hotel will include an additional 39 bedrooms and will be completed next spring.

Everyone had a great time being mini builders!


We Will Remember

A lovely and very respectful morning was spent with a special visitor in Year 6 – Mrs Brockbank – wh brought medals and photos of her family members from both of the Great Wars. Year 6 and School Councillors (and Buddy!) then walked to the meadow in Blackley Forest to visit our ‘Remembrance’ bench and 2 trees that were planted to remember local soldiers who lost their lives in Afghanistan. A perfect example of how we live by our RESPECT value.


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Young Mathematicians

Four of the year six children took part in Explore Learning’s Young Mathematicians Competition today.

They impressed us all with their team work and mathematical reasoning and problem solving.

Well done!


6M Forest School

In Narnia, 6M had lots of fun creating some artwork using leaves and twigs.

They were inspired by the colours and shapes of the leaves to create some woodland animals and scenes.


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Zebra’s Forest School

The first group of Zebra children had their final forest school session on Friday. Everyone had an amazing time in Fox’s Den. We enjoyed exploring the different secret passages and dens as well as helping each other on the swings and working together to make our own den and toasting marshmallows on the campfire. We all listened really carefully to Mrs Rowley and were fantastic at keeping ourselves safe. Well done Zebras!


4M forest fun

After a well deserved half term break, it didn’t take 4M too long to get into the swing of things.  By the end of our first day back we had already climbed trees, built dens and made woodland art.  We also had time for our obligatory hot chocolate too!  It’s great to be back!  Onwards and upwards 4M!


Year 1 visit Blackley forest