Buddy’s Training Squad – session 4

Today was the last session with the first group who have been trained. It was really interesting again! Cath (our dog trainer from On Track training school in Rochdale) brought 2 of her own dogs – both rescue dogs – Alfie and Bobby B.

Alfie demonstrated his amazing tracking skills, as using just his sense of smell, he was able to collect different hidden objects on the field.

Cath then showed us an agility course and Alfie was brilliant at following instructions to jump high, long or vertically! This technique is used with police dogs who are trained to help catch criminals trying to escape over walls!

Well done to the first group of trained dog handlers! They will be receiving their certificates next week, after they have completed their written account of the training, and added some comments to this blog!

We have got some great ideas of things we can start to try with Buddy! Cath will be coming in again in 2019 to work with Buddy to make sure he is learning all the right things in order to be the best school dog that he can be!

There will be another chance for a different group of children to work with Cath in the Summer term.




  1. bvaaminah says:

    I loved training Buddy especially when I got to feed him when he was good.I also liked on the 3rd session when I did heal work with Cassie and Maverick.When I did recall with zeb I had to feed him and he had a lot of spit. On the last session I loved seeing Alfie jump over the fence.I loved buddy training sessions, it was really fun.

  2. Mrs Nicholson says:

    It is just amazing how clever dogs can be. The Buddy training squad have had a fantastic time and learnt such a lot.

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