Buddy’s Treats!

Thank you to the SSC class for Buddy’s delicious home made treats – they contain carrot, banana, oats and apple. He loves them!


Year 6 War Horse drama

6M really enjoyed performing some scenes from War Horse, by Michael Morpurgo.

Acting out scenes from our class book allowed the children to really explore how the characters felt.


Nursery Yellow Mile Day.

Nursery wore yellow and walked an extra mile for Young Minds Charity: to improve the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people.


Year 5/6 Boys Football Team

This week the Year 5/6 boys football team kicked off their league campaign in style with a thrilling 8-2 victory over St Mary’s of Moston.  Teamwork, motivation and enthusiasm was the order of the day as together the boys worked their socks off to ensure a winning start for the mighty Vale!  Onwards and upwards boys!



Lending library

Today 3P enjoyed a visit to our amazing library. Some of the children chose books to take home. Please return your books by Thursday 18th October at the latest.

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Edible soil

We had great fun learning about the layers of  soil. We even made and ate our own soil layers.


Buddy’s 2nd Training Session with the Squad

Today, Cath, the dog trainer came to lead the Traning Squad and Buddy through some more training techniques.

The squad arrived on time, with their notebooks ready to make notes and record inportant information.

Firstly, we watched a video of Cath training a German Shepherd puppy for the police. The puppy was 9 weeks old and already so good and obedient!


Whilst we watched the video, Buddy relaxed on a mat with a bone! He was interested in the video when he heard the puppy barking!

After the video, we practised some of the training techniques with Buddy.

Here he is practising ‘sit’.

We used treats (today it was little cubes of cheese) and just the word ‘good‘ to tell him well done when he did what we wanted him to and at the right time!

Here he is learning to stand on a block – this is for when he needs to be groomed or inspected.

Finally, he practised walking around a cone, changing direction when the ‘handler’ (or the children) wanted him to.

He was a really good boy and enjoyed his second training session. Just like any new learning, he needs to practice the skills at home to get really good!

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Year 4/5 Boys Football Team

The Year 4/5 boys football team took part in their first set of fixtures of the season at the Manchester Football and Tennis Centre this week.  We lost our first game 3-0, but this didn’t deter the boys at all.  They worked hard, played as a team and went on to draw their next two games before winning their last 2-0 to ensure a strong finish for the mighty Vale!  Well done boys!



Autumn walk-Exploring our environment

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World Mental Health Day

What have you learned today?

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