4M, Picasso and Cubism!

This week we have been working hard on our self-portraits.  This term, we decided to abandon the traditional self-portrait, and embrace the Cubism style.  Using Picasso as our starting point, we looked at many examples cubist portraits, and understood the impact of capturing a single image from multiple viewpoints.  Here are some of the children and their initial attempts at sketching a face from two different angles.  It’s an exhibition worthy of the Tate!  Well done 4M!




  1. Laura Morley says:

    Mrs Wright, Head of Art at Co-op Academy Manchester thinks these look great! She said “I love the way they are analysing the key features of Picasso’s work and then using their knowledge to create their own portaits. Great key research skills being developed and some fab sketching skills that really show their understanding”.

    1. mrmyatt says:

      Thank you! Keep posted for our final pieces!

  2. Mrs Jacques says:

    Wow! Amazing!

  3. Miss Copeland says:

    Wow 4M! I cannot wait to come and take a peak at your finished pieces.

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