The white Wiches Castle

Scene 1                                                                                                                                  Edmund walks into the castle                                                                                                    Edmund: Aaaaah!                                                                                                                     Edmund: Oh its just a statue.

(walking towards the stairs)

Maugrim: Who’s there stand still?

Edmund: its me the son of Adam i came here from an invitation from the queen of Narnia!

Maugrim: Very well stay here i’m going to inform the queen

(Edmund  walking towards the throne and sitting down)

white which : (shouting) How dare you come without siblings!

Edmund: There in the beavers house!

White which: Bring the harness without bells.

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My forest school expeareance

In forest school we have a amazing time we do fun things like making popcorn,playing in the stream.Our teacher throghout forest school was miss Dobson . The best thing is listaning to the birds. We go thogh the rules then we play or do an activatty.


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My Forest School Experience

In forest school,it was a really good experience

Going in the Stream

going in the stream was really fun my favorite part was when i was climbing over the logs what had fell into the river. The most funny part was when i fell into the river.


On The Mudslide

the mudslide was really fun because Me,Mat and Dawid were pushing each other down the Mudslide and all of us got really muddy.

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Ancient Egypt By Umar

Our topic Ancient Egypt has been interesting to learn about because there are many intriguing facts about their life and culture. I enjoyed it, so I hope you enjoy these useful facts.

Ancient Egyptians were more modern than you think. When we were living in caves, they were living in mud houses and clay houses. Did you know Egyptians had over 2000 gods? When they mummified people, they would remove their organs and the the organs would be preserved in canopic  jars. The only thing that wouldn’t be removed was the  heart as the Egyptians believed the heart would be weighed  in the hall of death by Anubis to determine whether you were god or bad. The River Nile, which is approximately 4160 miles long, flooded once a year and left behind a special mineral called silt. This would help them grow crops to live on.

As the Egyptians built the iconic pyramids, they used the stars to mark out the base of the Pyramid so they could bury the kings. Kings were also known as a living Horus.




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Forest School Experience

In forest school, I had a brilliant experience with Mrs.Dobson and my friends.Some of my favorite times were:


Making a wooden slingshot

I made a wooden slingshot using wood,and string and using rocks as the ammo.


Playing on the mudslide

I loved playing on the mudslide with dawid and max. It was great fun sliding onto the mud.


Going in the stream

It was very fun going to the stream. we did get incredibly wet but it was fun while it lasted.


Making a fire

It was exiting to make a fire and bake crumpets on it.We also made popcorn.(It was delicious)


I loved forest school and hope to have it again next year!


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The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

This book is about 4 chilldren (Peter,Susan,Edmudand Lucy) who leave to this prefesers manchon and find a magical wardrobe.That leads them to a mistical world calld Narnia!Whilset in Narnia there brother Edmund (who is the anoying one)gets them into a lot of truble with the White Witch,but they are the chosen 2 sons of Adum and 2 dauters of Eve.They are chosen to save Narnia from the Witches raingh of teror and restor Aslam to his throne.Will they save Narnia from the witches teror?    

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I wonder how it going to be at ghyll Head…

One day at 4DT some people are going to ghyll Head and some people are not .The people who are going they are doing some activities the people are not coming they will be doing different things.I was so excited but an letter came and it says things what do I totally pack for even it shows activities too .on may 14th I will going on Monday my teacher told me and my grop who going need to sit on carpet me and them need to write who can we sleep with them there is an over note that says the things that we are doing and the things we need I hope I would like it there but the first thing I want to do is the zip line

I hope my class mates who are going have a
Good time at ghyll head
See you in my next post!

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Science Experiment

On Thursday, Year 5H did a experiment.It was to do with air resistance.We had to make a parachute to save a minion from salsa and salsa’s roof.We had to try out different materials.

A plastic bag

A bin bag

A sandwich bag

tissue paper

We had to see which one of the materials helped the parachute to go down safely and quickly.


We also timed it with a stopwatch. We tried all of the materials and the fastest material was the tissue paper.

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The jungle book review

Author:Rudyard Kipling

Illustrator:Mike Spoor

The book is a fiction,adventure and animal story.


Mowgli meets a tiger called Shere Khan:

He gets raised by a family of wolves:

he killed Shere Khan.

setting in the jungle and village.


name Mowgli


Personality gullible,confident and cheeky

physical appearance he likes to explore the jungle.

How i feel about this character sad because he is alone.

This book makes me feel intrested because it gets exiting and you want to know whats happening  next.

cause and effect.

cause: Mowgli escaped Shere Khan.

Effect:Shere Khan is angry.

i rate this book 5 stars because it was intresting and it had suspence.





The Jungle Book Review

By Rudyard Kipling


This book is about a boy who was called Mowgli. Shere Khan wanted to kill Mowgli ,but Mowgli wanted help . Baloo and Bargeraa  wanted to help ,so they made a plan. Shere Khan died .Then Mowgli went to recuse his parents . Mowgli is very gullible and brave.

In the story i felt a bit nervous because Mowgli was very little. This book made me feel wanting to make a vivid picture in your mind. Mowgli made Shere Khan land in the fire. Shere Khan is angry. I am ratng it a 5 because it is intresting.

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