The Jungle Book Review

Author Rudyard Kipling

What was the story about?

Shere Khan takes Mowgli into the jungle. Angrily, Mowgli kills Shere Khan and goes back into the village.

Who were the characters?

Mowgli ,Baloo,Wolf pack,Bagheera,Kar,Chil,Shere Khan,Monkes and villagers.

What did you like about the book?

I liked that at the end Mowgli killed Sere Khan.

My rating is 5/5.

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Larkhill Place

This week year 3 have been really lucky. We had the opportunity to travel back in time to the Victorian era. During our travels, we had to work really hard to learn how to wash our smelly socks without a washing machine! We also visited a number of Victorian shops and learned about how life in the Victorian times was different to life today.

Here are some pictures of our day!





Freddy Fit

Getting our heart rates up with Freddy! Sensatinal skipping today.

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Our school articles and rights

Our school articles are very important because we need to know our RIGHTS . Every one has a right to an education because without it we wont be able to have a successful life in the future. We have the right to have water , shelter and food to be able to survive. We have the right to have a name and we don’t have a right to make fun of the name. As a good and respectful person ,everyone should follow and respect these rights and articles. We are a very lucky country to have these right then other countries who still don’t.

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100 world challenge

One shivery cold day, lived a beautiful girl called Jumiyma. She found a snowman covered in layers of pure white snow. She didn’t know who made it because it literally only started to snow. Large blocks of shiny, round pieces of hail stone fell on her head. Without warning, she went inside to have a warm cup of tea to warm her all up. She forgot to give the precious, white snowman his scarf and his nose. All of a sudden, he melted as the sun shone and sadly the snow man died without even seeing his forgetful , beautiful friend .


Manchester universities Marble run competition!!!

We went to Manchester university for the second time for a Marble run competition challenge! We had so much fun creating this marble run course. We had to do a lot of tinkering with it and we had to keep on testing it. First, when we got to the university, we had time to tinker with our marble run course. After that, we looked and played with other people’s marble runs. Then we went downstairs to look at some exhibitions from an engineering company called siemens.We all went downstairs to vote for the marble run that we thought was the best.( we were not allowed to choose our own!) Finally, we all got an award and we won the special judges WOW award! We all had an amazing time together at the university, and we were so proud of ourselves for working as a team to create the marble run, and winning the award!