Matilda the musical

I really exited to share my matilda experience it has only just started but hopefully i will be back in school soon!! If you have any questions just comment on my post.Here on the tour it is very fun and i have made alot of friends including the adults.we are in leicester at the moment but very soon in about a week i will be doing the week on week of contract,so this means i will be in one week then go again.The rehearsal period is very long but now we are doing shows it goes really fast.In fact i have a show today !Hopefully you can come see me soon not in leicester because that is really far away but maybe in biringham the last venue for me.                                                                  XXX CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU GUYS XXX(love louella)

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  1. Miss White says:

    Louella – your journey sounds fabulous! Everyone is wishing you well with your performances. We are missing your creative talent, however I know this will be portrayed on stage.

    Just a little grammar reminder – proper nouns and titles need capital letters. (‘Matilda’, ‘Birmingham’ and ‘Leicester’) Your writing has a good tone and flow to it. Well done!

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