The Snowman’ s Adventure

In the depths of winter,the white,freezing snowman flew with the brown, freckly boy. Then, he grabbed on the snowman and they flew together peacefully.Suddenly, the boy cried, “Wow I love this. ” Later that day, the snowman was doing tricks all over the place.Next, the boy nearly fell off the cold, snowy,freezing,old snowman. A few minutes later,the nervous, anxious boy was scared because he has never jumped off something before, so the snowman guided him carefully off his back. Finally, the scared boy risked his life and took the chance . He dropped in his cot and was asleep safe and sound.

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Super Snow Man!

Whoosh! and Super-Snow flies off with his creator and his sidekick Ultra Frostbites.

1 day earlier. “Snowy you are going to be fantastic!” complimented John as he rolled the snowball around the frosty ground surface.”So are you Frostbites.” the boy continued. Suddenly, the clock struck 9pm. John rushed inside drunk his hot-chocolate. He then tore upstairs and wrapped up warm into his bed. “Goodnight Snowy and Frostbites” John softly whispered to them out the window. His alarm-clock screeched at 7am it was a snowy Saturday morning. John shot downstairs and straight out the door. “SNOWY IS ALIVE!!!” he blared and Whoosh!

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In the air a snowman was flying through the amazing,white clouds with a little boy and a tiny,short dog in his arms. To keep him warm in the winter, the snow man wore a dark green hat with a dark green scarf rapped round his neck. The cute boy was wearing his stripy jarmers and some red slippers to keep his feet warm out side. The dog was not a random one it was a snow dog it looked like a raindeer because it had a red nose. The boy loved the cute fluffy dog with fluffy ears.

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The Snowman and the dog!

I am so happy because tommorow is christmas day the day i get to open presents! I looked out of my window and saw a snowman wearing a green hat and a green scarf. He also had a dog he looked like he was wearing socks on his ears maybye thy were just to keep him warm. Suddendly he came to life i thought it was my imagination but it wasn’t even the dog came to life! I rushed outside and i saw the snowman. Before i could even say hi, we went on a magical adventure in the air.

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The snowman’s adventure!

In the cold, misty air, there was a magical flying snowman with a mysterious child. The snowman’s was called Frosty the snowman. He was a friendly,jolly snowman.Can you believe this random snowman could talk and fly.Also outside there was a boy playing with snow outside in his garden.Then the boy was shocked because a snow man was . The boy was carefully looking at the snowman.A few minutes later, the snowman came to the boys house.The boy was delighted when he saw the snowman came to his house. Then the boy and Frosty happily flew together in the sky.

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Snowman’s Adventure

In the middle of the night on the amazing Christmas eve,a kind,sweet snowman and his snow dog flew around in circles with their own guest Jack.”OMG, who are you?”, screamed Jack in mid air.

” I am the snowman of Christmas, I am here to see if you have been naughty or good,”answered the pale snowman.

“Woof woof woof woof woof woof!”,barked the snow dog jumping on to Jack into his slender arms. Later, they went of seeing each others friends and houses.”This is my house, made out of snow.” yawned the snowman.

“Well good night,”

“Good night.”


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snowman adventure

It was on a cosy ,snowy day when all was peaceful.There was a polite ,young boy called James who loved christmas.He would build a snowman every christmas but, this snowman he was going to build would be the best one yet.The polite boy was now sculping his snowman and was adding  details and clothes.Like always,the boy felt proud of himself also he built a small snow dog next to the snowman.A few seconds later, James went outside to check his snowman and snowdog when something amazing happend. The snowman lifted James into the air. Would he ever come back again.

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Winter fun.

Image result for the snowman sceneonce up on a time,it was christmas eve night all the people were asleep waiting for santa to come,but this boy was going to see santa, before it was christmas eve,he made a cute,cuddly,tall,wise snow man,but the night that he made the snow man was abit spooky,because the snow man came ALIVE! the boy woke up,wen the snow man went alive, the boy was shocked he went down in his pjs, the snow man hugged the boy,then there was magic coming around them,until they were flying in the air they were seeing the other snow men,but the snow man melted.

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Frosty’s adventure!

On a cold, misty night a boy called Tommy woke up at 12:00. He looked out his window to find lots and lots of snow. Tom crept quietly down stairs and put his shoes and jacket on. Then he went outside to build a snowman. The boys mum looked outside and saw Tom. He looked back at here and smiled. The cute boy, went in and out to get stuff to put on the snowman. When he finished he went inside to his bedroom. Tommy was in his bed room,but before he lay down he looked out the window and saw the snowman. Suddenly the snowman shined in the dark light. Tommy ran outside to Frosty the  snowman. Frosty held Tommy’s hand and took him into the sky.  they had the best adventure ever!    

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Winter Adventure!

In the frosty, mystical air there was a magic hat lying down in a tip in the snow. One evening, after school little kids were making a snowman. Coal for eyes, a corn cob pipe, a button nose and a silky, red scarf. They were missing something what was it? It was a top hat. That night, they snuck out to the tip to find a hat. They were in luck because that same hat was picked. One of the little boys, went to their house to put the hat on the snow man. Will the snowman come to life? 

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