100 word challenge

There ones lived a kid her name was Lucy one day Lucy went outside to play with her brothers baseball Lucy was only eight and her brothers Sam and Roman were twins they were seventeen Roman was batting and Lucy was bowling she did a slow underarm and Roman hit the and it smashed the window into a mysterious room were there was a wardrobe inside there was Lucy’s sister and her name was Amy she saw the ball go into the room the brothers told Lucy to get the ball but Lucy went inside the wardrobe…


  1. bvzain says:

    Adrian you’ve not got any full stops at all. It doesn’t any sense. This was an imaginative piece of work. You need to remember the subject and object in a sentence. There is only one of each in a sentence unless there is a conjunction then you’re allowed two of each.

  2. bvhorrera says:

    Adrian i think you have to read back and put you full stops

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