dearest mum

dearest mum,

you always seem to know what’s wrong

before i have to say

you seem to know what’s on my mind

or if i’m down that day

i never have to ask for help

you’re always there to guide me

if at times i need support

you’re always right beside me

you’ve been my rock throughout my life

wanting nothing in return

you’ve made my who i am today

helping me grow and learn

thank you will never be enough

for everything you’ve done

you’re my friend my counsellor

my guardian angel

but most importantly…..




  1. bvbijou says:

    Molly this poem is so touching and has left me with a tear in my eyes.

  2. mrssmithbvps says:

    What a beautiful poem Molly.

    1. bvmolly says:

      thank you bijou! that is the first time i have made someone have tears in thier eyes.

    2. bvmolly says:

      thank you, but it is all thanks to Mrs Makwana and you that my English skills are improving all the time!

  3. bvzain says:

    Well done Molly. Great Poem. I liked the Ryhmes.

    1. bvmolly says:

      Thank you! Glad you liked it!

  4. bvmenahil says:

    Molly I really like your poem . You must have put a lot of effort into this . Well done!!

  5. bvisabelle1 says:

    Wow! Molly that was such a touching poem I bet your mum is really proud of you!

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