In Saudi Arabia

As most people know, I have left bowker vale primary school and moved to saudi arabia. I have started a new school but miss bvps so much. I will hopefully visit it in the holidays and i will visit all of my friends! I will try to blog once a week but over here the school days are Sunday to Thursday! Confusing. Hopefully, I will move back to England after 2-3 years. I cant wait! I miss all of my teachers and friends. So if you can comment below and let me know how ALL of you are doing!


5 scentence chaleng

It was a windy day and I wached the sky and all of a sudden there was a twerl like a rainbow in the clouds.I was so shoked.It was dark and spooky because the colors were misrible.

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5 sentence challenge

This mysterious nebular spred all over space.It was there thousands of years.I could not believe my eyes.Everyone were running for there life.NO ONE WANTED TO BE OUT SIDE ANY LONGER.








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5 sentence challenge

As a star gets old it fades away into… star dust. When the star dust gets old it starts to collapse in to dust.It turns in to colorful colors.Just like blue,white,purple and more. Its like an explosion in the air.

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5 sentence challenge

A nebular is a star that has died and has formed into a shape.It can be only in space. Nebulars are very colurfull and beautyfullly shaped.

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five sentence`challenge

It was dark. A shooting star was coming closer.  Most nebulae are of vast size, even millions of light years in diameter. Contrary to fictional depictions where starships hide in nebulae as thick as cloud banks, in reality a nebula that is barely visible to the human eye from Earth would appear larger, but no brighter, from close by.The star started to blow up in dust. from Aaqil

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5 sentence challange

Light blue dust circles the star. Unfortuanly, this only happens when a shiny,white star dies. Also the star turns angry red when it dies. It might sound weird but f you look at it in space it do.

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Home work- Can you write about the changes to Heaton Park over time?

                  The changes to Heaton Park over


Heaton Park is a park that became popular in several months. This park is open to the citizens, based in Manchester, England, that uses up a vast area approximately 600 to 650 acres! Along with this, it had 21 roads by it, which you could use to enter the park, adding to the size.

Heaton Park is famous for many things including: having army camps there during WW1; Heaton Hall being built by Sir Thomas Egerton ( in 1772 ); and a place to remember historical events- such as the Gunpowder Plot.

During 1772, Sir Thomas Egerton contracted the popular architect, James Wyatt to rebuild the existing house.In the 1870s, the population of the East End of Newcastle was growing rapidly and a need for additional space was acknowledged.

Heaton Hall remained in the possession of the Egerton’s, until 1902 when the park was bought by Manchester Corporation and Addison Potter for £230,000, the rest they didn’t have. When Addison Potter of Heaton Hall put some land up for sale, the Corporation bought 22.5 acres at a cost of £12,562 and William Armstrong gave a similar amount to enable a 46-acre park to be created.

In 1912, work began on the grounds of the park, due to war was about to break out…World War 1 started on 28th July 1914 and ended on 11 November 1918.WW1 ( short for World War 1 ) was announced to start, so Manchester Corporation thought they would help out and do their part. The park had army camps there, training bases and trenches.

Many people think they liked doing their part because yet again, they changed their grounds to suit the British army for World War 2.When the Second World War broke out, they built more trenches, built hospitals on site and made, even more, training bases. This actually helped the park become more popular.

In 2002, the park was renovated using over £10 million. With this money, they built an 18-hole golf course, tennis courts, a boating lake, an animal farm, a pitch and putt course, a golf driving range, woodlands, ornamental gardens, an observatory and an adventure playground. Also built in 2002 was the only flat green bowling area in Manchester.

Since 20002, no changes have been made to the actual park, other than the wall surrounding it (which has been made higher). The only other change is that Middleton Road, running along the side of the park, has been made wider.


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Here Is the Challenge To Do Your Self just Copy and paste or something
Here is the picture
Nebula is the dust left when a star dies.
Its shape Is Like A eye Glowing In The Night.
Above the clouds, It can Be Seen.
People say That “Its as beautiful as a butterfly flapping its as the sun rises.”
The nebula Has A rich colour That Covers Your heart.
Have fun try out this challenge!

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5 sentence challenge

In the dark, black sky, a huge, gigantic star appeared out of nowhere! As the huge, black star came closer, the star was pitch black and purple on the outside.The star was a collosall building.

it was a huge star. It was made of tiny little stars.


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