The Moon Grabber

Alone. The death-defying screams coming from all around,blood-curdling wolves howling in the darkness,creepy owls hooting and dead animals were laying on the rocky concrete. Deep whistles hummed in the silence:it was chilling. Stood still in fear;the trees creaked and its prickly,sharp branches grabbed at him. Nervously collecting water from the well, the bucket creaked a warning. Suddenly, Sam was engulfed by the sheer blackness. What was happening?

Frozen and trembling with fear: a shiver crawled up his spine. Slowly tip-toeing Sam heard a deep growl above from the cloud,blank sky. “What should I do?” whispered Sam to himself. Growls and screams echoed from the well;a menacing rush was coming! The eerie trees – which were shaped like demonic figures – seemed to be waiting for its prey. Without warning, a deep shadow appeared from the blank gloominess: it had fiendish twisted barbs,like volcanoes erupting from the head;sharp claws;and a knife-edged silver sword.

Although it looked horrifying, it had a flash of light in its hand. The terrifying,rapid flash was made by the colossal,horrific creature.Trying to keep calm Sam stuttered “Who are you?” Sweat began to creep down his back.

The strange beast howled: it glared at Sam’s soul.”Could I have the moon back?” stumbled Sam  feeling petrified. This monster appeared to be as tall as a giant. Gloominess surrounded him.” If I were you I would give the moon back” shouted Sam as he attempted to snatch the moon of the monster. Swiftly running into the engulfing forest Sam had been trapped in some green,stinging nettles.Footsteps were slowly appearing. A shadowy creature hovered over Sam. What was it? Without knowing, a huge hand grabbed Sam by his neck.

Frightened,afraid,fearful – Sam was hesitating. Quickly, Sam slipped out of the creature’s hand and dashed towards his house [a cabin.] Sam had traps around around the forest:he thought he should use them now. However he didn’t have much time. Roars,stomping,howls and malicious noises were all heard by Sam’s ears. Unexpectedly, the fearless monster had caught up with Sam. They were stood face to face.What was going to happen next?

Abruptly,about a thousand beams of powerful,bright light shone into the monster’s eye; red,violent lasers shooting at his body;solid keen-edged spikes launching at his skin and a minute later the monster was down. The terrible,grotesque monster was perplexed by the alarmed young boy’s behavior. The monster was defeated and under the extensive tree.

Swiftly,Sam attempted to throw the moon into the dull sky. The moon knowing it was free flew back into it’s regular place. Meanwhile, the monster has risen onto his feet! He was going to get revenge….



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The lonely ghost

Silence . Broken by the eerie hooting of owls and whistling of the wind through the trees . As I trudged through , rain crashed down on the ground around me . A blanket of darkness collapsed over the earth . Goosebumps crept  up my spine as thick , opaque air surrounded me . A old sweat trickled down my forehead as I froze with fear . The only source of light was the shining moon creating haunting shadows .


Anxiously , I ventured on , the wind whispering a warning in my ears , and my red hair was pulled by the wind . Squinting through the dense darkness , I saw an ancient , cobblestone well . Mind-blown , I stumbled across the undergrowth , clawing at my ankles , to reach it [I had never discovered this well before] . Towering trees loomed over me  – their branches like twisting hands , reaching out to grab me . My spine chilled . I shivered . some trees had faces carved into their bark  ; others had branches like claws . Shadows stretched out from the trees , like terrifying beasts . I was panic-stricken by this : I cowered back nervously .


Avoiding the shadows , I began to heave as I pulled on the rope to fill my rust-covered bucket . I had a horrible feeling that I  wasn’t alone . Was I imagining things ? Above , a cloud snaked across the crescent moon . Gazing up at the moon , it was like the moon was abandoning me . Alone in the darkness . . .


Wait – what was that ? The rocky moon had just – disappeared . Craning my neck forward , I tried to catch a glimpse of another thundering cloud or something that had caused the moon to vanish .

Rubbing my eyes , I tugged on the rope again , pulling it ten times faster than before . Out of breath , I seized my bucket , realizing it had overflowed .


I turned round slowly , a petrified look plastered onto my pale face : I had just seen a blinding flash of light , slicing  through the jet-black sky above me .

“It would just be lightning,”I pondered uncertainly , my heart pounding in my head .


I was alarmed by the rustling of leaves and the hissing of the wind . Without warning , the grey moon and the grisly cloud were masked by coal-black blackness . I realized that whatever had covered them was translucent . Breathing fast , I turned my head heavenwards and gasped . I let out an ear-splitting scream .

“AAAAH!”I screeched , trembling with every syllable,” Y-YOU’VE GOT THE MOON!”


Agitated and troubled by my response , the unknown creature fled into the heart of the forest . Calling out as loudly as possible , I , who deeply regretted frightening this innocent creature ,  raced after it . What was it ? Why was the moon grasped tightly in it’s right hand [or what looked like it] ?


After ten minutes of yelling , an opaque creature popped out of nowhere .

“What do you want?”it snapped , clearly furious at the sight of me ,” I just wanted o make a friend for once , and Moony was my only hope .”

“Please don’t take the moon,”I pleaded,”Maybe . . . I could be your friend!My name is Molly . Who might you be ?”

Instantly , the creature’s eyes lit up . Smiling gratefully , the creature , who was nicer than it looked , replied ,”I’m Thomathon the ghost . Call me Tom for short .”


Later on , when me and Tom got to know each other , I found myself stumbling home , pulling vines out of my path . I had just befriended a ghost . . . was this the smartest idea ?

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video game

                              Xbox game

James, a 7-year-old child was doing what most kids do, play games on a PlayStation, Xbox to be precise. While he was doing this, his mum was dossing around the house giving it a huge Spring clean.

Leaving his drink and remote on the floor, he ran to the bathroom. His mum strolled into the sitting room to grab a dirty sock ( yuck ). Doing so, she knocked over the water, which went over the remote! Trying to save the remote from getting damaged, she pick it up.

Your probably thinking that she is going to get electrocuted. Well, if you said this your wrong!!!As she picked it up, she passed out.

Soon awaking, she looked around at her surroundings. She recognised where she was, but it couldn’t be possible. She was in her son’s Xbox game!

She looked at her self. She wasn’t human she was a dead…




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Suspense story- 100 word challenge- a venture for her parent

Creeping through the darkened woods, Kristie ventured deeply in site of her parents. They had left for the wishing well to collect water for the kettle earlier that morning, yet they had not returned. Thinking of where they could be, the young girl, a nine year old, travelled towards the well, but there was a problem! The only way to get there was by going through the deepest part of the forest, an ancient, abandoned part.

Patter, patter. Blood-curdling howls suddenly surrounded me, leaving danger hanging all around. A ferocious, swirling storm arose into the sky. Someone was there watching…

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Gyhll Head Trip

Year 4’s and 5’s went on a amazing trip to Gyhll Head.Everyone enjoyed it, although there was some tricky challenges to face.These are things we did:

  • *Gyhll Scrambling
    *Zip Wiring
    *Rock climbing
    *Some other challenges with some ropes
    *canoeing/jumping in the lake
    *Mountain climbing
    and some games.Gyhll scrambling is like a lot of rock pools and mini waterfalls.It was a bit slippy. Some parts were deep.

There was a very deep pool with we either slid into or jumped into it,but I slid into it.

On the second day my group went Canoeing/Jumping lake.First of all we went across the lake 600 metres across and 60 metres deep,but only in the middle.When we got to the other side of the lake,we skimmed rocks and played a game with our paddling sticks.We had a race with a other group to go back,but we won because they were at the back and needed a tow so they kind of cheated,but it was for a reason.After that,we jumped in the lake,I jumped in 2 times.


I thought the zip wire was the scariest:it was so high at first I didn’t want to do it ,but I did it.Not everyone did it which was a bit sad.

When I went into the Mountain there was a lot of cow poo and a lot of rocks.
However the view was unbelievable.When we went down I asked one of the workers,Rob if there is any Crystals in the Mountains and he said Yes there is. With excitement, I found some! It was Quartz.  Some of the mountains were volcanoes.




My group had the highest room called the Shap with not the best view. I had the time of my life,I wish we went there again I loved it.I miss it.Thank you to all the teachers who organised the trip…THANK YOU!…


The adventure of MrWaffels is back!

BEFORE YOU READ THIS: please read part 1. If you did enjoy Part 2! Thanks.

A malteaser ball came over to me. He wanted to say that he got half eaten by MrVanilla And Mrs Vannila the waffle 5 years ago. I said ”Can you remember where they went?” And MrBall said yes! he said they went to Cadbury World….so i went there..When i arrived the only thing i saw was mrs smooth penut butter crunch..I asked her ”Have you seen Mr Vannila the waffle or MrsVannila the waffle and she said yes! I think they are at FlakeLand….See you in part 3!



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Brilliant BV!

Each year, families who are joining our Early Years are invited to a meeting. In preparation for the meeting, I asked the children what they thought I should share with them.

The children came up with a Top 10 list!

  1. Our pupils are all amazing – our school community is full of children and families from different cultures
  2. Our teachers – are fantastic and fun!
  3. Our curriculum – what we learn is creative and unique
  4. Our school grounds – the best in the city! We have brilliant spaces to play and enjoy learning in our Forest School classrooms
  5. Assemblies – we celebrate and share
  6. We develop our Learning Powers and Growth Mindset to become better learners
  7. School dinner!
  8. Lots of teams and clubs that do really well and make BV stronger
  9. Active pupil voice that is listened to – our School Council and Learning Ambassadors are really important to us
  10. Global citizens – we know what’s going on in the world and we do our bit to celebrate and/or help. We learn about our Human Rights through Unicef’s Rights Respecting Award.

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