Gyhll Head Trip

Year 4’s and 5’s went on a amazing trip to Gyhll Head.Everyone enjoyed it, although there was some tricky challenges to face.These are things we did:

  • *Gyhll Scrambling
    *Zip Wiring
    *Rock climbing
    *Some other challenges with some ropes
    *canoeing/jumping in the lake
    *Mountain climbing
    and some games.Gyhll scrambling is like a lot of rock pools and mini waterfalls.It was a bit slippy. Some parts were deep.

There was a very deep pool with we either slid into or jumped into it,but I slid into it.

On the second day my group went Canoeing/Jumping lake.First of all we went across the lake 600 metres across and 60 metres deep,but only in the middle.When we got to the other side of the lake,we skimmed rocks and played a game with our paddling sticks.We had a race with a other group to go back,but we won because they were at the back and needed a tow so they kind of cheated,but it was for a reason.After that,we jumped in the lake,I jumped in 2 times.


I thought the zip wire was the scariest:it was so high at first I didn’t want to do it ,but I did it.Not everyone did it which was a bit sad.

When I went into the Mountain there was a lot of cow poo and a lot of rocks.
However the view was unbelievable.When we went down I asked one of the workers,Rob if there is any Crystals in the Mountains and he said Yes there is. With excitement, I found some! It was Quartz.  Some of the mountains were volcanoes.




My group had the highest room called the Shap with not the best view. I had the time of my life,I wish we went there again I loved it.I miss it.Thank you to all the teachers who organised the trip…THANK YOU!…


The adventure of MrWaffels is back!

BEFORE YOU READ THIS: please read part 1. If you did enjoy Part 2! Thanks.

A malteaser ball came over to me. He wanted to say that he got half eaten by MrVanilla And Mrs Vannila the waffle 5 years ago. I said ”Can you remember where they went?” And MrBall said yes! he said they went to Cadbury World….so i went there..When i arrived the only thing i saw was mrs smooth penut butter crunch..I asked her ”Have you seen Mr Vannila the waffle or MrsVannila the waffle and she said yes! I think they are at FlakeLand….See you in part 3!



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Brilliant BV!

Each year, families who are joining our Early Years are invited to a meeting. In preparation for the meeting, I asked the children what they thought I should share with them.

The children came up with a Top 10 list!

  1. Our pupils are all amazing – our school community is full of children and families from different cultures
  2. Our teachers – are fantastic and fun!
  3. Our curriculum – what we learn is creative and unique
  4. Our school grounds – the best in the city! We have brilliant spaces to play and enjoy learning in our Forest School classrooms
  5. Assemblies – we celebrate and share
  6. We develop our Learning Powers and Growth Mindset to become better learners
  7. School dinner!
  8. Lots of teams and clubs that do really well and make BV stronger
  9. Active pupil voice that is listened to – our School Council and Learning Ambassadors are really important to us
  10. Global citizens – we know what’s going on in the world and we do our bit to celebrate and/or help. We learn about our Human Rights through Unicef’s Rights Respecting Award.

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