All About Electricity

Who discovered electricity?

Well William Gilbert discovered electricity {but Benjamin Franklin discovered that lightning is just the same thing as electricity}.

Why do we have electricity {why do we use it}?

First thing we have electricity for everything.

We use electricity for tv, phones, i pads, and laptops and even more.

we love electricity.

from: Bianca.

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I can tell you about electricity (year six homework)

                                     What would it be without electricity?

There would be no electronics. The only source of light will be the day light. There would be no traffic lights (which means lots of incidents).lastly, there would be no way to cook, there are no plugs because there isn’t electricity.

                                Interesting things to know about electricity

                             Bengerman Franklin is the founder of electricity.

                         The founder discovered electricity while flying a kite. He got struck by lightning.

Electricity travels through your body as well as metal. 

     Electricity travels at the speed of light.

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Electricity Homework 23/04/17


Its an amazing thing that is used daily by billions of people.

But what is it? How is it made? Is it dangerous?

This document will tell you everything you need to know about electricity.

What is electricity?

Electricity is a type of power which is used every day. It can be made by lots of sources and can occasionally be dangerous.

What are batteries?

Batteries are small metal containers filled with electricity. They are used to power things such as TV remotes of small lamps.

How is electricity made?

Electricity is made by many different things. A few of the main sources are:

Burning fossil fuels

Wind turbines

Water wheels

And many more.

Can electricity be dangerous?


Electricity can be dangerous in many ways, some being:

Open plug sockets causing electric shocks

Putting knifes in toasters can conduct electricity, causing an electric shock

Even things like leaving plug sockets turned on for a long time and letting devices overheat,can cause a unwanted fire!

So remember:

Turn plugs sockets off and unplug the devices when you are finished

Don’t let things like phones and tablets overheat

Don’t put things that conduct electricity, like metal silverware, in other electrical items, even if they are turned off.

Also remember to recycle tunings like used batteries!


I hope that this document on electricity has helped you better understand how to use electricity and how to stay safe when using it.


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home work- Can you research different types of circuits?

                          Different types of circuit

Have you ever wondered how a vacuum works, a light switch, or the television? Have you ever wondered how electric gets to what ever you are you are using so quickly? The electricity goes through circuits.


What do circuits work?

Circuits are like a path ways of wires that electricity can flow through.  A battery, or a power source provides voyage, allowing electrons to move. Then, This would then allow whatever is using this power, to work. When you switch on a light switch, or use the vacuum cleaner, you know how it works.

Different circuits

There are two different types of circuits. One is called a series circuit and the other is called a parallel circuit.

A series circuitShows a circuit with a battery and two lamps connected in series.

A series circuit is similar to a series on the TV. Just like you get episode, after episode, you get components one after the other. If you put more than one light in a series circuit, the lights would be dimmer than if you had just the one light bulb.

This type of circuit is useful, if you want to know if one of the components has stopped working. You would know this as for, if one of the components stop working, then the circuit will be broken and the rest of the components will stop working. It uses less wiring than a parallel circuit.

A parallel circuitShows a circuit with a battery and two lamps connected in parallel

Parallel circuits have more than one path for electricity to flow through. No matter how many lights you add, unlike the series circuit, the lights do not dim, or change.

Also unlike the the series circuit, if one of the components break, or blow up, the rest of the bulbs continue to work fine, without being affected.

That is what makes parallel circuits so useful and helpful , if you want everything to work, even if one light failed. This is why most home are fully wired up with parallel circuits.  


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Gizmo’s tales


You will not get who it is, unless you are someone from my class, or I have told you, so for the ones that do not know, I shall tell you. Gizmo is my cat. Yep! That is right! I named my cat after a Mogwai.

I called him this because when this Mogwai gets wet, he goes a bit crazy. Once, my cat fell into the bath and went crazy just like Gizmo from the Gremlins. He ran straight out the bath room, through the door and then… smashed straight into the sitting room door!!!

Another tale about Gizmo is surprising. Somehow, in the space of about 20 minutes, he had managed to bring in 2 mice, 1 bird and a baby bat, with the biggest wings ever. This was all around 04:00, on a school day…

Another time, he brought in a field mouse. First, it ran under my bag and as soon as we moved the bag to capture it, it ran straight behind the television. 2 and a half hours later, we are chasing it around a radiator, when we finally caught it!

             You may not believe me, but all of these stories are true…


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A boy’s happiest month of his life

One day their was a boy called Jimmy lived in Sheffield with his parents. Jimmy and his dad went out to get some food because they ran out. Jimmy went with his dad to Tesco and he saw a trampoline and said’ dad could i  get a trampoline?’ his dad said ‘yes you can son.’ They saw the prise and it said enter into a compotion and you can win it for free. They won it and they took it home and set it up. Everyday Jimmy went on the trampoline. He said to is dad thank you for it….

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100 word challenge! (the rich boy!)

Once  there was an ordinary,young lad named Jim. His friends called him jimmy or jimmy boy. Jim,who was ten,lived in a house with his parents. They were the greatest a kid could ever ask for!  There was just one juicy secret  that Jim had he was rich. His parents said to him not to tell the school. Jim,the rich boy,couldn’t help but gloat to the whole school. So he gloated. Every one in the school followed him. when there’s love, there’s hatred. A boy name Dan hated him so much he stole his money. Jim was not popular any more.

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The beginning of the end!?

One day a boy got hit by a truck and died an unfortunate death. The doctor had no way to help him ,but let him die. That night the parents of the boy went to a mountain behind a cemetery to bury him. After they buried him they left flowers in respect of his death. Weeks after weeks of the parents sobbing and then, when they went to sleep they saw there son as a zombie standing at there door. After seconds, the zombie child had bitten both parents and started eating them and began the end of the WORLD!!

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BENIN is named after the body of water on which is lies-the BRIGHT OF BENIN.Benin, officially the Republic of Benin and formerly Dahomey, is a country in West Africa. The country has long history with slave trade.he people of Benin are called as Beninese.Benin became independent from France on August 1, 1960.The capital region of the country and the area nearby was referred as ‘Slave Coast’ from as early as the 17th century. During the trans-Atlantic slave trade, a large number of slaves were shipped to the New World. By about 1750, the Kingdom of Dahomey (a part of Benin) was earning an estimated £250,000 per year by selling Africans to the European slave-traders.The last ship of slaves departed from Dahomey for Brazil in 1885.The region was a French colony for 58 years between 1900 and 1958. Benin was the first country in the 1990s to make the transition from a dictatorship to a multiparty democracy.

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23.3.17 -100 Word Challenge

It was a deep, dark night in the village Acadia  and everything was silent and still.It was midnight. It was dark.It was silent. A bit too silent. Silent in a disturbing way. Acadia is never ever silent.There is always voices of triumph from the Vikings.Their always fighting other Vikings. Because of the ominous silence I went out to see what was going on. I opened the door.I was walking halfway through the front yard when a flash appeared in the sky.I thought it was a shooting star little did I know standing right behind me was an alarming DRAGON.

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