The Jungle Book


In the The Jungle Book Mowgli is a cheeky,funny because most of the time he is not listening to any of the other Animals. He is a clever but also naughty character as he know every Animal langaugauge


In the Jungle Book Baloo is a chubby and furry because he is a huge bear.He knows every rule in the strict Jungle law. The bear knows how to be sly as tells a animal to do somthing but does the other.

My favourite character would have to be BAGHEERA because i love his jet black coat and his chocolate eyes are like small rings.

The best part of the story was when Mowgli used his clever brain and the furious herd of bulls  to kill Shere Kharn.




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The jungle book

The jungle book by Rudyard Kipling

My favorite part of the book is when Mowgli goes to the old,white cobra and he tries to bite Mowgli but he shows that there is no poison in his fangs.

I am surprised that Baghera  did not kill the villagers because they tried to kill Mowgli.

It disappointed me because they killed Shere Khan by he wolfs and the bulls.Then Mowgli cuts his skin off him.

I think year 1 children would like this because they would like adventurous stuff and jungles and animals like panthers ,lions, giraffes, deer, snakes, monkeys, baboons and other good animals.

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the jungle book

I like when shere khan diys  because he whant to kill mowgli because he fell in to the fire Bagheera because he helps mowgli fight meen people. chilldre in year 3 and in 5.











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The Jungle Book

The main characters in The Jungle Book are Mowgli,Baloo,Bagheera,Shere Khan,Akela,kaa and Chil.There are more characters but there not the ones that come frequently.The jungle book was made by Rudyard Kipling


My favourite part of the story is when they go to Old White Combra and fight the monkeys.And when Mowgli Kills Shere Khan.


Something that surprised me is that Mowgli killed Shere Khan and he actually went to a village for the first time.


I think any some ages can  can read this book because it’s really intresting and it’s plot is suprising.

I would rate this book 5/5 because i really enjoyed it and i think other people would probably enjoy it to.

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The Jungle Book

Rudyard Kipling Adapted by Pippa Goodhart Illustrated by Mike Spoor


In the jungle book,there are many characters such as, a big bear called Baloo and a brave panther called Bagheera, but there is one more person and he is the most feirces animal in the jungle and he is SHERE KHAN!We can not forget about Mowgli because he is the main character in this story. I think this story is for about year 1’s and over because of SHERE KHAN!

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Jungle Book Review

The main characters in the book are Mowgli , Balloo ,Bagheera , the mother wolf the wolf pack Bulldio and Shere khan.

My favorite part of the story is when Mowgli follows Shere khan then shere khan goes in the fire and burns his paws. Then Shere khan was chasing Mowgli then Mowgli ended up to the wolf pack.

The part that surprised me is when Mowgli killed shere khan and i thought shere khan was stronger then Mowgli. And this bit suprised me too is that Mowgli was 17 yers old and his mother dosen’t remember Mowgli.And bulldio kills his farther and his mother survived by bulldio and when Mowgli came back he said ”My name is Mowgli.” And his mother said ”Who are you and what did i name you.”And Mowgli said you named me Nathoo.”And his mother rememberd him and said ”Your farther had died.”And Mowgli said ”no way my farther had died.”

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Jungle Book Review

The main characters in the book is Mowgli, Bagheera Baloo  mother wolf and Akela. Buldeo is a mean horrible character and shere khan. MY favourite character is Mowgli ,Baloo and Bagheera. Mowgli kills shere khan. Mowgli saves his parent’s from buldeo. Mowgli has a baby brother . Mowgli grows long hair and he grows tall. Buldeo plan’s to kill Mowgli and his parent’s. Mowgli baloo , Bagheera and the wolf pack try to stop Buldeo and his 3 men with guns. Kaa save’s mowglislife fromking louie who is from the lost city, wich is now destroyed. the monkeys are scared of Kaa the terrible python. Kaa shedded his skin because the monkeys scratched it and bit it.Mowgli cares about his family a lot. Family comes first. His mother human called him nathoo.Mowgli stop buldeo from killing mowgli and his parents. Mowgli’s father h


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Jungle book review

The main characters are Mowgli, Baloo, Shere Khan, Bagheera, Akela and Kaa .

My best character is Mowgli because he is funny when he fell into the water. He fell into the water because he was spying on the little girl.


I’m disappointed because Mowgli killed Shere Khan and he is my bestesed character aswell.


My worst character is Baloo just sitts down on the rock  he is very very lazy.He dosent do any thing.




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The main characters in the Jungle Book are Baloo who is kind,Bagheera who is helpfull,Mowgli who is adventerous and Shere khan who is the evilest character of them all.


My favourite character was Shere Khan because he is FIERCE and SNEAKY.

The part that surprised was when chapter 8 came. This chapter is about when Mowgli gets hunted.

The part that disappoited me the most is when Mowgli had to choose and went with the human family when hes been with the forest animals.

 I think people who are adventurous would be this book for them but i’m not saying its not for people who are adventurous its for everyone i hope you liked my review thanks you.



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Jungle Book Reveiw

The main characters in the story is Mowgli,Shere Khan,Baloo, Bagheera and Akela.


My favorite part is when Mowgli kills and slices off Mowgli skin.The part that I did not the part when

the crowd laughed at Mowgli.This book is recomed to year 2 to year 7.


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