Learning Ambassador Challenge! (19/04/17)


     Can you write a 5 sentence challenge based on the photo below?


[Use as much description as you can].

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jack and the beanstalk

Once up on a time, there was a little boy named jack and his mummy was called jenny, they were poor and every one threw tomatos at his mother and jack everyone was so rich, on the road they had rocks in there feet.

A few days later,jack found a guy he looked verry scary the guy gave 3 beans too jack, and then he ran home,he got water and droped the bean in the soil.

The next day later he looked out his window and saw a giant plant it was so big that it was above the cloud,he climed and climed and climed,then he saw a castle made out off gold.

He sneaked in and he saw a BIG GIANT.

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The Jungle Book

In the jungle book there is a boy called Mowgli who grew up in the wolf pack . There is a strong , fluffy panther called Bagheara and there is the wolf pack. Mother wolf , Akela and his village  parents . In the jungle there is a  bear as well called Baloo who is a fat , furry bear but there is a mean , fears tiger called Shere Khan who tries to kill Mowgli . And last of all there is a snake called kaa.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   In the jungle book my  favorate part is when Mowgli has a fight with Shere Khan and Mowgli kills Shere Khan.

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The jungle book author is rudyard kipling . The characters are shere khan, and bagheera,and baloo, akela, kaa,fatherwolf, mother wolf My favourite part is when shere khan died because of Mowgli plan.I am disappointed when shere khan was died.The year 3 and year 5 and year 1 .

I was suprized when kaa helped Mowgli but in the movie kaa wanted to eat Mowgli.

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The Jungle Book

In the Jungle book the characters are Mowgli,Baloo ,Bagheera ,Akela ,Kaa ,Chill, Shere Kharn and the cubs.The characters are really kind because they protect Mowgli,but Shere Kharn is the only animal that hates Mowgli .Althouth Buldeo and the Charcoal burners want to kill Mowgli because they think he is a wizard

My favourite part of the story was when Mowgli got fire from the man village and put it on Shere Kharn because he was going to eat Mowgli. after that Shere Kharn  fell to the ground and died.

My least favourite part was at the start when Mowgli was a baby and everybody eles ran into there huts and left Mowgli when ShereKharn was there. Then Shere Kharn was going to eat Mowgli but he moved out the way then Shere Kharn burt himself because he fell into fire.

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The jungle book

In the jungle there is a little boy called Mowgli who grew up in the wolf pack and he was left by his mother.  In the jungle he has some friend’s  that live with him his friend’s  are called Shere khan hese the leder of the man cub. His other friend is called Baloo,Kaa,Bagheara the jungle is in india.

In THE BOOK MY Favourite part is when mowglie found a villiage and whent to live in it and then he met an old lady and the old lady said you look like my little boy that was tooken by the animals

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the jungle book

shere khan deid because he fell in to the fire when he trying to eat mowgli. begheera help mowgli fight shere khan… he died.

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jungle book review

The main characters are Shere Khan, Mowgli, Grey Brother, Bagheera and Ballo.

My favourite character is Bagherra because he is kind and helpful.

My favouirte part of the story is when Bagherra brigs Mowgli into the wofl pack because if he wsnt brought into the wolf pack then wherewould have lived in the jungle.


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Jungle book review

In the jungle book my favorite character  is Bagheera  because she she is strong and helps everyone she also is clever.

My favorite part of the story is when Mowgli goes home to teach his brother about the jungle. The part that disappointed  me was when Mowglis dad and wolf parents died because they cared for Mowgli.

The things that surprised me was that Mowglis mum turned old and she had a baby boy.

I think that other people will like the jungle book because  they can be happy and overjoyed.

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Jungle book

In the Jungle, there is a little boy how grow up in a wolf pack his name is Mowgli. He was left outside when a tiger came the tiger’s name is Shere Khan [Tiger lord]. Ever since he has been living with them. Mowgli found it hard .                                                                                                                                                                  People in year 2,3,4,5 would like it for classes under them years they might be scared.People will enjoy to read it.

I like when Bagheera  be’s on the bed and he  scare’s everyone by showing his teeth .

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