a special dog

In the middle of the town, there lived a man  and he had a dog that was very well trained. A  few years later he had a child called Freya and she was only young when sadly her mother died. The man, who then had no wife, had his daughter and dog left.

Years after that, it was a hard life for him, but he wasn’t alone. Soon after that they ran out of food, so that was  when the man had to start poaching. The man was worried, worried because this meant that he had to leave his beige, cute dog with the baby. Later on this day, he set of, but before he left his small,brown hut he wanted the dog to look after the baby. Once he got into the dark, gloomy forest he straight away saw a brown, big deer. Slowly , he approached this prey and then bang!

Like the man said, the dog stuck to the promise, but then something loud, fierce neared the window.Alarmed, alarmed because he heard a loud noise outside. As quick as a flash, something large and aggressive leaped through the window…
how do you think the dog felt? scared?brave? worried? Suddenly, the dog let out a loud bark and then attacked . With a claw in the face from the dog this attacking, black beast let out a real painful howl, so that meant a win from the dog and a loose for the wolf. This meant that the dog had protected the small,cute baby and done what the man said.

Once the man had arrived, the man saw blood that was on the dogs mouth. The man was not happy, so he took out his sword and had a clean strike which meant the dog had died. With anger the man went over to the cot and saw the little girl fast a sleep in her cot  and the beast dead on the floor. The man asked him self, why did this happen to me!


Mother’s Day Poem

For all you do

You do with LOVE

you are so special

a gift from above

and with all my heart

I want to say


Happy Mother’s Day!!!!



Rapunzel the 5 sentences Challenge

And then the wich said to Rapunzel sing when I brush your hair ok she says For the first time in the life for the Magic everywhere for the first time in for the first time in my life there lights everywhere. Good Rapunzel but she said can I go out of the Tower no dear stay with your step mother “ok””ok” good

Come and see the third part bye 🌸🌺👶🏼👧🏼👩🏼👱🏻‍♀️


I need to get out!


I was in a car crash! I suddenly flew out of the car into and dropped into glistening near-by pond. Drowning deep into the water, i thought this is the last of me,but…i didn’t run out of air, i was breathing perfectly fine.what had happened to me? Am i dreaming? Will i wake up? Stunned,i was petrified of even taking a glance of were i was, but i did it anyway.NO WAY! Was my reaction.It was remarkable!Ghost-like creatures swimming around in a dim,faint area under the water. Suddenly, they all stared at me,which wasn’t good sign…I needed to get out!  


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haniya’s beautiful wood that she loves

In the castle, it is like you are in a different place, but you are not. Near the castle there is a dark, spooky woods to protect the castle and to look cool it is spooky no one wont’s to go there at all. The trees have spikes, so it looks spooky. The castle has beautiful people, who live there. Near the castle, there are dark, spooky woods protecting the castle and the people, which live in.

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Diary Of A Viking Kid – 24.03.17 – Part 1

Day one –  Christmas Eve Eve

Today I awoke to the sound of the local monastery bells chiming seven times. This meant I was one hour later in setting the stove to heat! I rushed down the stairs to find the stove lit, dough sitting, butter ready to be churned and cheese made. All the jobs that I would usually have done by seven. My older sister Asel had done the jobs for me! I thanked Asel several times, but she said that because she has less jobs, she thought that it would be nice to help. I then started churning the butter and baking the bread for supper. Asel then left to go to her blacksmiths apprentice job, mother then left to go to the market and dad left to go hunting. I was left to do all the house jobs like: churning butter, baking bread, making cheese, cleaning, sowing seeds on the farm, feeding the chickens and making supper.

After I had made the bread and the butter, I set to mending Asel’s jacket. Later, after I had fixed the jacket, I fed the chickens and sowed the seeds, everyone was back at home enjoying their pastimes. I set to work on supper – Dad’s signature deer stew.

I chopped the carrots, aubergines and potatoes then the deer. After that was boiling on the stove, I cut the bread and cheese, then buttered the bread.

Everyone had a beautiful supper and we t o bed on a full stomach. I’m so so so exited for the few days to come. Christmas Eve and Day!

Ase xxxxx


If you would like to read part two go to the comments below to find the link, once I have written it. If you would also like to see more, which I intend to do, also comment below.

Faith 6W


100 Word Challange

Beneath the deep-seated , water-full sea where the Mer people gather for tea. An eerie gloom spread across the sky like a blanket of fog. They discuss there tactics that would shrill your flesh into nothingness . A shiver that paralyzes your brain  . Their deathly whisper that grabs you from the ear into …. a new dimension . Heart pounding. Hands sweating . Mouth dry . There chatter seems to last FOREVER !!! NON-STOP ! Directly looking , your eyes and their eyes meet to reveal … a  blood-curdling grin ear to ear . Your under water in their world now – under their control . Will you live …. nobody knows , but you.


5 sentence challenge

I wake up in the morning very surprised.

I found my self in a colorful forest.

I start to walk through the forest.

After a while i found i big wonderful castle full of colorfull colors.

I get to the castle, and when i opened the door i found…

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All you need to know about Mrs Hyde…



Mrs Hyde is a lovely teacher, she supports us and helps us if we are stuck.There is also Mrs Smith she is also kind and generous,she marks our books even takes over Mrs Hydes teaching sometimes.Whenever we have work to do Mrs Hyde always puts music on ,but only calm music not some pop music.I really like it in year 5 even though you have to do a lot of work.Mainly tests are harder.


If you have questions write them below in the comment box below.


5 sentences

In the colourful,bright woods there was a large,majestic castle in the distance. Nobody had ever been to save the princess in 40 years,but somebody had to save her from the fire breathing dragon. If they do, then they could get married and live happily ever after. theseus who had heared about the princess and went  after her. Then when he got there

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