Quails At Bowker Vale

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We have welcomed 8 little quails to our school! They hatched on Friday last week! We learned lots of facts in assembly and have continued to become really knowledgeable as the week has progressed! I have been really impressed by the amount of research some of you have been telling me about!
Can anyone share any facts?


  1. bvrefal says:

    I will never forget them!!!!!

    1. bvmenahil says:

      I wont forget them either thank you mrs Jacques

  2. bvrachel says:

    Wow there so cute ! can’t wait to have them later !

  3. bvrachel says:

    I wish we could have them for longer there so cute i can’t wait to see what next year brings

  4. bvolivia1 says:

    Mrs Jacques the quails are so cute i rilley want want one bacouse thay are so cute.

  5. bvsatam says:

    The Quails look so cute I am really excited to meet them because are class are having them this Wednesday afternoon.

  6. bvsky says:

    Thank you Mrs Jacques for letting the quails come and stay. I`ve been very eggcited haha!

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