Rapunzel the 5 sentences Challenge

And then the wich said to Rapunzel sing when I brush your hair ok she says For the first time in the life for the Magic everywhere for the first time in for the first time in my life there lights everywhere. Good Rapunzel but she said can I go out of the Tower no dear stay with your step mother “ok””ok” good

Come and see the third part bye 🌸🌺👶🏼👧🏼👩🏼👱🏻‍♀️


  1. bvjustin says:

    well done but can you do more boy,2a,adverbs

  2. bvilham says:

    Well done linah good useing speech marcks. your challenge is to put boys

  3. bvmarija says:

    I like yours but can you do a simile and a 2a

  4. bvbahar says:

    that was really good useing full stops.could you use vivid verbs

  5. bvbahar says:

    that was really good but could you use a vivid verb

  6. bvlinah says:

    But how girls

  7. bvaliza1 says:

    well done linah ,but can you use a adverb any way welldone

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