All you need to know about Mrs Hyde…



Mrs Hyde is a lovely teacher, she supports us and helps us if we are stuck.There is also Mrs Smith she is also kind and generous,she marks our books even takes over Mrs Hydes teaching sometimes.Whenever we have work to do Mrs Hyde always puts music on ,but only calm music not some pop music.I really like it in year 5 even though you have to do a lot of work.Mainly tests are harder.


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  1. bvrefal says:

    I agree Julia! They both are very great teachers and I will never forget that!!

  2. bvjairaj says:

    Iagree too

  3. bvnikola says:

    i know mrs smith is kind and helpful and mrs hyde is the best teacher!!!!

  4. bvmenahil says:

    You used brilliant vocab to describe some of the best teachers!

  5. bvelias says:

    That’s Actually true! Mrs Hide is one of my kindest teachers iv’e ever had ever had at bowker vale!

  6. bvfatima1 says:

    Wow that is true but you left out the bit of how she is beautiful!!!!!

  7. bvsatam says:

    You are right mrs Hyde has helped me overcome my fears.

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