Upper Key Stage 2 Winner

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Well done Faith in 6W! The ‘EGGS’ Factor!


Lower Key Stage 2 Winner

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Well done Bahar in 3C

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Key Stage 1 Winner!

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Well done to the winner in 1M!

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Easter Egg Competition

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Wow! You are all so creative! The Easter ‘decorate an egg’ competition has been a huge success! So many of you entered the competition it was a really tricky decision! But there needed to be 4 winners, so the best of the best are posted in this blog.
Well done everyone!
The first winner was Isaac from EYFS.

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Quails At Bowker Vale

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We have welcomed 8 little quails to our school! They hatched on Friday last week! We learned lots of facts in assembly and have continued to become really knowledgeable as the week has progressed! I have been really impressed by the amount of research some of you have been telling me about!
Can anyone share any facts?


Mrs Jacques’s Post on Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Listen to our fantastic voices!

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Mrs Jacques’s Post on Wednesday, 29 March 2017

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Year 3 and 4 and then 5 and 6 welcomed Mr Hulme from Manchester Cathedral today to tell us about how we could join the cathedral choir or even become choristers!
Everyone joined in singing in harmony and in a round. The sound all of our voices made together was amazing!
Well done everyone who was involved!

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 The castle in the forest

                                                                                      Once upon a time there was a towering castle at the top of a hill. The green,flaky trees are as tall as the castle. The sky is as blue as a dolphin with clouds like steam. The sky was like a huge, blue diamond. The trees were as green as shiny emeralds.


An immense castle yet to be found

I saw a beautiful immense castle. Through the deep damp woods I saw a old castle. At the top of the tall castle there was a red flag. In front of the ancient  castle there was a colossal damp woods were nobody has gone before. a legendary castle 100 years have passed and this girl, who is ever so brave, has discovered it for the first time in history.


The haunted castle

There is a castle with a prince inside. The peculiar walking trees are guards for him to protect the land from bloodcurdling monsters. This hidden dimension is on top of the clouds waiting to be seen by human eyes. The castle may look nice ,but it is secretly haunted. As you walk up the castle staircase you start to freeze with fear and you will be hoping to say do not kill me.