PGL 2017 – Tuesday

Today was our first day of activities and what a day! We woke up to sunshine and birds singing even if it was a little cold. We had a hearty breakfast in preparation for the activities. Today each group had a mixture of fun-filled challenges. These included: Giant Swing, Tunnel Trail, Jacob’s Ladder, Orienteering, Aeroball and Archery. Giant Swing is a test of our nerves – you are pulled up high and have to be brave enough to pull the rope to drop down and enjoy the ride! Tunnel Trail allows us to play lots of games such as Pac Man vs Ghosts in underground tunnels that we had to crawl through. Jacob’s Ladder involves working as a team to work our way up logs that get further and further apart the higher you get. It also allowed us to learn an important skill for the week ahead – how to belay! Orienteering helped us to practise our map-reading skills and use our ability to work in a team. Aeroball is like basketball but on trampolines – lots of fun! Archery got us aiming at different targets and firing arrows at high velocity. The evening ended with a campfire where we sang lots of silly songs and included some crazy dances. We have had so much fun today and can’t wait to continue our adventure tomorrow.

To see photos of the day, click here:

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PGL 2017 – Monday


Today we were very lucky as our journey to PGL was a smooth one with no traffic. When we were close and could actually see the site, our excitement grew. There were many looks of amazement as we got our first view of activities such as the high ropes. We were even more fortunate because our rooms were available when we got there: lovely log cabins. After we had dropped our luggage off, it was time for lunch: pizza day! We all enjoyed it and then we had some time to explore the site. The weather today has rained on and off and as we were walking around, it rained. That didn’t dampen our spirits though and it made us even more eager to experience all of the activities that we saw. Some of us then headed to the football pitch, whilst others went to the sports hall for rounders and basketball. Another delicious dinner boosted our energy for playing ambush this evening. We had to work as a team to find a hiding place somewhere in the sheer darkness of the grounds and hope that the other team, who were trying to find us, went past our hiding spot without finding us. If they did, we won the game. It’s the end of an enjoyable day, but we can’t wait for tomorrow when we have our first proper activities!


To see photos of the day, click here:


6W homework

I can tell you about vikings.


The Viking era lasted from the 8th century to the 11th. They were mainly pagans (a person holding religious beliefs other than those of the main world religions) from Denmark, Norway and Sweden. They settled in the Faroe Islands, Ireland, Island, peripheral (on the edge of an area) Scotland, Greenland and Canada. They used the Norwegian sea and the Baltic sea as routes to England. 

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first of all let me just say that obviously it will be a great. seen as though you get to sleep with your friends and you will get to watch people get nervous when they go on the giant swing.

I am most looking forward to going on Jacobs ladder because me and Bradley are in the same group so he can jump on to my shoulders and then he can pull me up. Im totally not copying mr worrals tatics to get to the top.


link to PGL


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Vikings Homework 6W

Where did Vikings come from?

Vikings came from: Sweden, Denmark and Norway they came from different parts of the world.

Interesting facts.

Vikings came to invade England, but soon King Alfred The Great had stopped the Vikings and made them stop coming to take over England. So then the Vikings had settled down in England and became neighbours,but weren’t really a peaceful country. The Vikings started to invade Britain in 793AD and last invaded in 1066AD.


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PGL Is near….

i cannot wait for PGL. One sad thing that im not in miss birly group but i am in mrs Dobson group. I am quite exsited about the big swing but i wonder , how high is the big swing?

Image result for pgl big swing

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Fossils-Abdul’s Homework

Fossils are bones stuck to rocks. after the Dinosaurs died , their bones are stuck on to rocks and transformed into a Fossils. These fossils can be washed up in the sea or under large rocks. This is my homework for i can tell you about fossils!

Image result for dinosaurs fossils  

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6W Homewwork

I can tell you all about fossils.


A fossil is the remains of a  prehistoric plant or animal embedded in a rock and preserved in petrified (organic matter) form.Fossils are the remaining traces of once living animals. Most fossils are the remains of extinct animals.

When animals die they usually get completely destroyed- either by another animal eating it, or because of it decaying (to rot). Sometimes when the animal is buried before it is destroyed and when that happens the remains if the animal are preserved as fossils. Most fossils are from invertebrates, animals without a back bones.




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I can’t wait for PGL because it sounds like so much fun ( which it obviously is) I am really looking forward to the Giant Swing because every time Year 6 go to  PGL they are always saying how good the Giant Swing is. I am also really scared because I’m petrified of hights . That is one thing I want to accomplish. I don’t want to be afraid of hights after come back.  I am really really looking forward to it.

In other words I am really EXCITED !!


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Monarchs means King and Queen ,but if nobody knows this we have a monarch  in England and her name is Queen Elizabeth ll well 6W and i are doing something called , Who made Britan great? Well everybody has to know it was the Queens and Kings who else could it be? Obama? well this was my homework for this week!

From: Bianca





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