My Christmas Day

One morning ,i woke up and went running down stairs,found a segway in a present so i guessed that i would open it and i tried it ,but i kept on falling ,after half an hour i gave up and went to play on my laptop.

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I went to Spain on the 1st day of 2017 and this is what happened. I arrived at Spain at 1 PM and I met some friends when me and my dad got there. I played some table tennis and I won by 4 points. Then I helped my dad unpack the suitcase. Then I got too hot so I jumped in the outdoor pool. IT WAS SO COLD. I jumped right out and got in my towel. When I dried off, I went to the pool table and beet my dad. Then I played for ages with my friends and went to bed at 1 AM. And that was my 1st day.

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The Best Day Ever

It was the best day ever. Of course it was the 25th of December. It was that day when I woke up and got everything I wished for. It all began at 6:00 when I woke up and rushed upstairs I woke up my sister first then I woke up my dad. After that I went into the living room and seen a big pile of presants for me. At first I opened the small presents. Out off the small presents I got a new pair of shoes,a tracksuit,and a lot more my main present off my stepmom and dad was a new MGP vx6 team scooter. At 12:00 I went to my mums house and seen a bmx lying down on the couch after that I opened more presents at my mums I got another pair of shoes and tracksuit. Me and brother got a present where we opened it together and it was a new bag and louds of stuff in it then I saw at the corner of my eye a PS4 in a bag I was so happy and gave my mum a big hug. At around 4:30 I ate my Christmas dinner it was really nice. After that I played on my PlayStation with my friends all night.


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popping candy

Penny says her favourite is strawberry jelly

Ollie likes peanuts just like Ellie

Peter and Paul eat cola laces

Penelope and Mina just stuff their faces.

I would like a favourite a favourite sweet,

Now what should I choose that will be so neat?

Great, anything sweet, that will be so neat.


Candy canes? NO!

Alright, sherbet? NO!

Now what do I like best?

Definitely something I like better than the rest,

Yet I kind of like pie, that’s no lie so I’ll stick with that for now.


by Leah (a sloth lover)


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It’s been a really fantastic week for fundraising this week. Thank you to so many of you who joined in the Bowker Vale Bake Off for Macmillan!

I had the hardest job – judging the winning entry! There were some amazing efforts – from brownies to cupcakes to rainbow cakes to tiered cakes! We were so impressed! The winner was Louella from 4DT who made a beautiful, tiered sponge cake decorated with pretty, fresh flowers. She has won a baking set!

Well done to everyone who supported our Cake Bake and coffee morning, we raised over £850 for cancer research which is a phenomenal achievement!



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The Best Day Ever!

It was December 25th the best day ever.

At 7:31 am  i ran down stairs to find lots of presents under the tree  i was so exited, then i ran back upstairs but i hated to be quit so i didn’t wake up my mum or dad and went into my brothers room and whisperd  in his ear merry christmas.He imediantly woke up and say merry christmas to you too.

It was now 8:00 and me and my brother both desided to go in my mum and dads room and yell MERRY CHRISTMAS so we both did it. Are mum and dad reaction was amazing and funny. After that my mum and dad desided to go down stairs and open all are presents. After an hour later my mum started to cooking break fast we had a full english break fast my and my brother got every thing we wished for it was amazing. meanwhile my dad went to pick up my grandmar and unkal. when she came round she had a big bag of presents for me and my brother it was amazing.

After that my family all had there lovely, amazing break fast then we just chilled and and played games and went round my grandmars.At 4:00 my mum dad and grandmar put some snaks on the table with the turkey well the turky was in the oven and then at 5:00 the turkey was ready me and my family was all ready to tuck in with are dinner. Now it was about ruffly 7:35PM wen my and my family rest and had are desert.




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My best day!!!

The day that we have all been waiting for had begun! We all woke up on a bright, yet cold sunny day.One by one we all stood patiently to go to the bathroom. After i had gone to the bathroom i had gone and done my hair. Next i went down stairs to have breakfast. After a while we all sat and watched TV together. Half an -hour later my mum called me to get ready to go Trafford Centre. Minutes later i went inside our car. Once we had set off, i fell asleep for at least 15 minutes because i was tired. Soon we had arrived to Trafford Centres’ car park. When we arrived inside Trafford we started shopping. 2 hours later of shopping we went to have our delicious lunch witch was chips and a burger. That was my best day of the christmas holiday.

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What i did on my holidays! Year 6W Homework

Today i went to my friends birthday, it was really fun! First,i for dressed and ready for the party. Next,i got picked up from my other friend, who was also invited to the birthday. When i arrived, we had a great time playing party games. Soon when we got tired out and took a break so we had food and sweets. Then loads more people started to arrive at 5’o’ clock. We the played so many games and i won 1 game, which was Musical Chairs. Then we done some Just Dance where you basically dance with another person.Finally, we cut the cake which looked super delicious! After the cake we did more dancing and playing games. At the end, we got a cupcake and you could choose any. I had chosen a delicious red velvet cupcake.We also got a party bag. It was great fun, but we had to head back home because it was getting really late so we went home and then the day was over.

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29th of December /By Hira Homework year 6w

A couple of days before 29th of December my aunty came from London.

She came for Christmas so that we can celebrate together as a family. We had a brilliant Christmas all of our presents were brilliant ,me ,my older sister ,my brother and my little sister loved our gifts ,but it was getting late so we went asleep. Then a couple of days later [on the 29th] My family  had planed a day out that we  would go bowling then have dinner at  Nandos. Soon later, we were at bowling and starting our first game. I had loads of sweets such as skittles, i also some had crisps and J2O drink. My mum kept and telling me not to have more because we were going to have dinner. Once we had  finished the 2 games of bowling we went back into the car and my dad drove us to The Trafford Centre. We had finished our dinner at Nandos, until i spotted the fro-yo machine , so … i asked my mum if i could have the chocolate “fro-yo” she said yes ,so i told my sisters and my brother if they wanted some . They all agreed so we went to fill our cups up and then left the resturant to go back home .


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Play Factor

On Wednesday 4th of January I went to Play Factor. I woke up at 10:30 and went downstairs to have a breakfast. After that i went to play Xbox for 2 hours. I played With my ultimate team on FIFA 17. I done lots of squad building challenges. A few hours later, I got changed,so I could go to play Factor. When I arrived at play factor the first thing I done was go on the zip wire. It was EPIC. Then I played football for a bit because I wanted to. Later on I went on the huge,red slide. My cousin was terrified so I pushed off the slide. After we had played ,we got pizza and chips with nachos. A few minutes later, we got ice cream. Once we had ate the ice cream we went to the arcade. The arcade was amazing. The bad thing was that we had to go home after the arcade. It was a fun day at play factor and I want to go again. Also on Friday I beat Saif at Fifa 5 times. We had 5 matches and I beat him in all of them.

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