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what have monarchs done for our country?


After the death of his father, he became Henry VIII, king of England. He married six times, beheaded two of his wives and was the start  of the English Reformation. He changed  the country from a Catholic country to a protestant country. The early monarchs including, Henry VIII set the majority of the laws that we abide by, but nowadays the prime minister or president decide the laws. The Royalty now don’t make many decisions, like making new laws, whereas a few hundred years ago the royal family made all of the decisions.  Today the Queen and the royal family support and help many different charities.



6W Homework



I can show you how offspring get features from both parents.           Image result for tiger          Image result for male lion                                       Image result for liger



  The Liger

The liger is a hybrid cross between a male lion and a female tiger. The liger has parents in the same genus (animal group) , but from different species.  The liger is distinct from the similar hybrid tigon and is the largest of all known extant felines.  Ligers enjoy swimming, which is a characteristic of tigers,  are very sociable like lions.


Ligers have the ability to consume more than 100 pounds in one meal. They get this ability from their farthers, who can eat up to 90 pounds. An adult Liger can grow up to 10-11 feet they get this aspect from both of their parents, who can grow up to 4 feet long. They get their weight from farthers, who weigh 190kg. Their fur is a combination of both parents. Their diluted stripes are because of the one shaded fur from the lion and the opaque stripes from the tiger.



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What does offspring mean?

Offspring means that an animal when an animal is born they do not look the same for example

and Related image that is what offspring means


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The united kingdom

One of the things that makes the UK great  is Heathrow international airport. It is Britain’s busyest airport. It is home to BA also known as British airways.✈

HM the queen also makes Britain extra British. London is the UK’s capital city.It is home to big Ben and the houses of parlement.

Samir Aabidou

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why is Britain great?

England is part of great Britain, which also contains Scotland and Wales. The Island Great Britain is the largest of British isles, hence is called Great [which originally meant large]

By Bianca


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Off-spring Genes Homework 18.01.17

How off-spring get genes from their parents and the probability

Off-spring are basically children. Theye are from their parents and this is why they are called off-spring. For example:

If the mum had blonde hair and the dad had black hair the baby could have blonde, black or brown hair. Theach baby would get blonde hair if the mum had a stronger gene and vice versa. The baby would however get brown hair if the genes combined.

So another example could be:

If the dad was infectious and the mum wasn’t thereally would be a 50% chance of the off-spring being infected.

Another way to explain this would be to say:

The mum has gene A

The dad has gene B

If the dad’s genes were stronger, the baby would most likely have the gene B, and the same the other way around.

However if the genes were equally in strength the baby would have the gene C or AB

Another example could be the mum could give a gene that would make the baby look like her mother, and the dad could give a gene making the baby look like his father. This would result in the baby looking like the dad’s dad and the mum’s mum.

Because there are 23 pairs of genes ( 46 in total ), the probability of two siblingseparate looking identical is incredibly low.

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What makes Britain great

England is part of Great Britain which also contains Wales,Scotland and Northen Ireland. Great Britain is the largest island in the British Isles. The countries that are part of Great Britain make up United Kingdom.

Britain could be great because of the landmarks such as Big Ben and Stonehenge. It also could be great because of the premier league. It has more than 4 billion watchers. Another reason why it could be great because of the famous people that were born in England. David beckham was born in England and Richard Branson. It could be great because of the royal family and monarchs.

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Homework 11.01.17/ What Makes Britain Great?

What Makes Britan Great? 

Britain is great for many reasons. You could think Britain is great because of its monarchy, others could disagree with you and think Britain is great because of its celebrity’s and its famous authors and singers. Anything is right because it’s us that makes Britain great…..

The British monarchy 

The British monarchy is one of the reasons for Britain being great. Britain is one of the few countries with a queen, who lives in our country. This making Britain very privallaged.

Famous British authors

There are many British authors such as Roald Dahl, Michael Morpurgo, and many more authors which make Britan great with their unique and inspirational writing.

Famous British singers and bands

As like the authors, their are many British singers such as Adele, Amy Winehouse, Ozzy Osborne and many more singers who make Britain great with their one of a kind songs.

And finally …



You make Britain great with everything you do and say each day!

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Why I think britan is great

I think britan is great because of the way they are with the people, they some times let use have a say in some things.I like  how the government  are runing the contary. I also like britan  because of the museums thay show what life was like in the olden days ,war museums show use how we should respect for them.I also like the memories it shows people who lost people  that we respect  them to even though  we haven  lost them.I like how museums incorage children to learn more about that subject and if thay are doing it in school it is good as well. 

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A Slothful Christmas

Over the Christmas holidays, I had a day to give sloths a Christmas. Me and my teddy sloths had a tea party, had leftover turkey sandwiches and apple juice. I also had made some presents for them. I sewed a nice dress for Margret and some shoes for Jhonny. I love my sloths so much I sewed them a stocking each (the twins shared).

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