the day of the dragon/100 word challange

Oh no! The day the dragon came it was a terrible sight. Houses were burnt, people were dying. There was chaos everywhere. “HHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!” exclaimed a poor farmer  ” My crops are burning!”

the others ran. and ran. and ran. Meanwhile, all of the homes in that poor, unfortunate village got torched by the dragon. It roared in triumph and continued  burning houses. That very same village had suffered an unlucky mishap that day.all of the houses had been torched to the ground. eventually, the dragon went and the villagers went back to their newly built homes. the villagers had finally rebuilt.


How to make a jam sandwich

                 How to make a jam sandwich


You will need:

2 slices of bread

A knife [clean]



2 plates [ clean ]



1] Firstly , thoroughly wash your hands with water and hand wash . You shouldn’t start to make food with dirty hands , as they will make the food get germs on it, and then you may feel sick after eating.


2] Next, take one of your plates and place one slice of bread on it . You will need a clean , fresh plate , because if it is dirty it will put germs on your jam sandwich.


3]Then, gently smooth and spread the butter onto one of sides of the slices of bread with your knife.You have to do this gently as not to rip the bread .


4] After that , place your other slice of bread on the other plate .Carefully spread some butter on one side.You will have to start from one side to make sure that the jam is properly covering one side of the bread.


5] Once you have done that , open the lid of your jam pot and slide some jam onto your knife . Think about how much jam you will need , depending on the size of your slices of bread.


6] Then , get one of the slices of bread and , on the side that butter is on , Start to spread jam on it.Eventually , you will finish it.


7] After that , get your other slice of bread and do the same: on the side with butter on , spread jam .


8] Then , on the sides which you have spread , put the slices together .


9]Finally , eat and munch on your jam sandwich.Enjoy!


Tip:Wash you hands after , as they may be a little dirty!You don’t want germs on your hands, do you?






A dystopian world!

You would never imagine what happened….

Years had passed nothing had changed,The dystopian world was covered in ash just like mount Vesuvius in Rome; erupted and destroyed! No one knew what caused the fire ,except from one old scientist called Mc James Ollrone ,he had 2 great grand children,James had told the full story to them. The  true  story was that a mysterious dragon came and destroyed the tiny village of Mcnovell everyone was killed except James Ollrone and his only brother saint Jack Ollrone!The dragon was a disturbance for every one he continuously came and frightened  people to be continued…..






100 word challenge

It was too late.

The fire scattered around, spreading rapidly like how fast butter can spread on bread . Thunderous waves of wings beating smacked into the houses , almost knocking them over. A dreadful sound of roaring and snorting was heard from above , and, once again ,the fire rose higher.The steady pace of beating continuously shook at the peoples’ houses , although the fire was too hot to go 15 inches close to . A blasting explosion boomed smack in the middle of the street, and now the dragon was no more than a silhouette , raging on to create more fire . . . oh dear!


What happened to the house?

One dark and spooky night a horrific fire hit  small houses.How did the fire start?The fire,who got biger second,sadly burnt al the houses.As the fire got bigger and bigger the houses burnt and got destroyed .Do you now who set this boiling,hot fire?A while later,the houses broke in to pieces. Some people like the way dragons blow fire ,but don’t want to go next to it;others hate the way dragons set it and don’t even like going next to the heated fire.What do think the people inside the house are thinkinking about this naughty dragon.The dangerous dragon burnt all the houses.


Tips for your nine times tables

There is a little trick for the nines. There are two ways to do them. Choose which one you will prefer, but here are the tips.


1st way to do it

What you do for the first trick is you add 10 and minus 1. For example 8 x 9 = 72 because 9 (1 x 9), 18 (2 x 9), 27 (3 x 9), 36 (4 x 9), 45 (5 x 9), 54 (6 x 9), 63 (7 x 9), 72 (8 x 9)


2nd way to do it

To do this one you turn the 9 into a 10 so for example 3 x 9 = 27. To do that (and other sums of 9) you do it like this. 3 x 10 = 30 and then minus the number you’re multiplying with 9, so then it will look like this. 3 x 10 = 30 – 3 = 27!


Choose any you think is easier.

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Growth Mindset / Fixed Mindset

Some people persevere with every single challenge they receive ; others give up the second they spare a glance at it.But why is everyone different in these ways?What does it really mean to have a growth mindset?


What is a growth mindset?

A growth mindset is where whenever the mindset receives a challenge or a problem anywhere , it can try again no matter how hard it is .This mindset is very good at challenging itself.It will never give up , and if it keeps on trying , it can become smarter.


What is a fixed mindset ?


A fixed mindset is just like the complete opposite of a fixed mindset .It can just look at a problem and know that it won’t be able to do it.If it is given a challenge , and if the challenge is very tricky, it will think the problem is too tricky and give up.They may feel silly when they get something wrong, and never try new things.


So , which one is best for me?


The best one for your mindset will be the growth mindset .This is because it will help you become smarter , help your brain grow even stronger . Your brain is like a muscle , if it keeps on going it will become stronger .


Which do you think would be best?



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Superheroes!!! part 1

Every month the evil supervillians would get someone in disguise and send them to the superheroes and find out their secrets. Problem is that each year you can tell that the supervillians are in disguise and each year one of the superheroes defeat them. This year the Joker wanted to go in disguise,but the superheroes already had a person in disguise. Every year they would come on the 25th of November. The person was Catwoman. When Joker asked Catwoman who are you she said” I’m Harley Quins’s sister.” Everyone was ok with it except for Joker. He was confused. Did Harley Quinn even have a sister. Meanwhile, back at the superheroe base they were all still waiting for Catwoman to call back. The Joker didn’t feel ok. Whilst Catwoman was alone the Joker was right behind her. The Joker knew who it was….