Mo 100 Word Challenge

On Stormy,Cold Night There Was An Attack By A Dragon All You Could Hear Is The Dragon Raring People Screaming And The Buildings Get Flung Or The Houses Getting Fire On Them Until…The People Had No Choice ,But To Kill The Dragon.He was  Furious Dragon Just Like A Tornado Twisting And Flying Around Every Where.He Was Crashing Through Building Every One Had Someone Dead There All U could See Was Falling Buildings Crashing On Each Other And People Running Making Sure They Stay Alive. The Dragon Started Too Swoop And Swing All Over The City.Where Will It Go Next.


  1. nicole1 says:

    ♡Good use of sentence types
    ♡Good use of comers
    ■DO NOT put capital letters in the middle of a sentence

  2. nawaz1 says:

    In your first sentence there are too many ideas in the sentence. On a stormy cold night there was an attack by a dragon. At the end of dragon add a full stop. Then start the new sentence. You need to add full stops to separate each idea. Where will it go next needs a question mark at the end. Some of your sentences don’t make sense. Check it through before you publish it. But great adjectives mothana and a good piece of work.

  3. jugraj says:

    Mothana don’t put capital letters in the middle of the sentence

  4. Saif says:

    Well done Mo,I like how you have described the scene and what you could hear while the dragon was attacking.You could of added a few punctuation such as commas,full stops and you could of had a colon if you think you needed it.

  5. hira says:

    2 stars: it describes how the dragon was . 2 stars: Good use of short sentences
    1 wish : maybe make sure it makes sense where it says : everyone had some one dead ….

  6. mia7 says:

    Sounds like a brilliant scene from a movie.

    Description of the dragons actions and emotions.

    Every word begins with a capital letter.

  7. hana1 says:

    Well done Mothna!
    This is a very good piece of writing , but maybe you should write how the dragon was crashing through the buildings.
    Also, you should be using your full stops on the end of each sentence , and only use capital letters on the start of proper nouns and the start of sentences.

  8. wareesha1 says:

    stars: Good piece of writing and a use of a little bit of punctuation

    wish: Next time don’t rush just check and read your writing because you have loads of spelling errors and you have also got too many capital letters in the middle of sentences which are no needed there. 🙂

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