100 Word Challenge/The Dragon’s fire

One happy day everyone was having fun, until then a dragon came and blew fire everywhere. Everyone ran, screaming everywhere. Fire spread everywhere no one had nowhere to go, until then the dragon flew and taking everyone’s soul. Everyone was crying because they lost their home they had nowhere to go, but they had to leave the village the dragon flew up. Then a house exploded fire spreading more and more. That day forth there were no village after all. They had to rebuild everything, their heart were heartbroken. They had to live outside with the strong wind.

The End.


  1. jugraj says:

    you could improve your sentence openers but overall I really like your story kris

  2. mothna says:

    star:I like that u told the reader that how it was in the olden days.

    Wish:look 1st line were its says until then does that make sense?

  3. mia7 says:

    Really good description of the fire spread.

    Long detailed sentences.

    Up level words.

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