100 word challenge

Once there was a village. The village was cursed by a curs of a dragon. The last time the dragon came was in 1956. The curs says the dragon would come tonight, so they went sleep. BOOM BANG ROAR. The dragon came. It had big, back wings. It was the size of 10 buses. It was spiting fire and fire balls. Everybody ran and ran until the village was gone. Nothing there but flames and ash. Loads of people died. Children died, adults died, babies died. But one man was destand to kill the dragon. He ran and ran and slashed but …



  1. nicole1 says:

    ♡Good use of sentence types
    ♡Good use of conjunction
    ■Give more imfromation

  2. nawaz1 says:

    Great work Thomas. But you could use a different word then died and ran. Think about your word choices. For example instead of ran you can use sprinted. You could use a de:de. The dragon came : it had big, black wings .

  3. mia7 says:

    Great description of the dragon.

    Amazing description for the after-math of the attack.


  4. hira says:

    2 stars: detailed dragon and how it was spiting fire. 2 stars:good choice of words such as : curse and destined
    1 wish : Maybe use another word for dragon and a better range of vocabulary

  5. bvhaleema says:

    Great work Thomas, you had a very good choice of story, but instead of ran you could of used raced , sprinted or even dashed.

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