Nicole’s homework year 6w

All of a sudden a dragon came out from nowhere, it started setting things on fire .I heard people and children screaming running out of the burning building. Then out of nowhere a big poof of smoke came towards me. I had nowhere to run I was trapped. People had left, my mum and dad were nowhere to be seen. There was a bird in front of me I tried to touch it but it flew off. The dragon was still flying around my head. I didn’t know what to do. I tried to run but I was to weak and dizzy but there was nothing I could do.


  1. mothna says:

    Nice Work. and i like the clift hanger

  2. Manal says:

    You have told the reader how you are feeling.You have told us what you were doing and seeing.
    Could you add more sentence openers.

  3. mia7 says:

    Good description of how you were feeling as a villager during the attack.

    Great spelling and punctuation.

    You’ve used two boys in one sentence.

  4. nicole1 says:

    Suddenly out of nowhere this big fores dragon came rasing down from up above .Everyone was screaming running in all different directors.I couldn’t see my parents anywere.All of a sudden a big bowth of smoke came rushing towards me.Children and adults running out of burning buildings.There was a bird in front I try ed to touch it but it flew of.I try ed to run but I was trapped.People were on boats allredy trying to get away.My mum was shouting but I didn’t know where it was caking from so I stayed where I was.I was to dizzy and weak to wark.

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