Homework 6W 100 word challenge

Once there was a village in Scandinavia, it be lived in all sorts of things such as:

● Reincarnation

● Greek Myths

● Hieroglyphics

And many, many more strange belifes.

One warm day, a fire started at 45 Holoberrie Lane, causing a huge panic. The whole village evacuated and firemen fought the fire. One of their other strange beliefs, was of a dragon who lived in the mountain near the village. They belived that a fire would, one day, awaken the dragon from it’s 1000000 year sleep.

This is exactly what happened when the fire started, the dragon awoke and caused the mountain to collapse…


Comment on what you think happened next!

(The 7 words above and the 12 words here don’t count (Mr Worrall!))


  1. Doa says:

    Hi Faith
    Star- I like that you have used bullet points to list what the villagers believed in.
    Star 2- I like that you have used paragraphs for cohesion.
    Wish- You could use adjectives to describe the dragon. For example
    One of their other strange beliefs was of a scary,colossal dragon.

    1. faith4dt says:

      Thanks for your advice!!!

  2. wareesha1 says:

    stars: A good use of punctuation and words

    wish: You could use a bit more of detail like how did the fire spread how did the firemen make the fire go were they brave enough to take the fire down were they scared.

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