a fire dragon’s delight

Once upon a flame, a fire dragon lived in a rocky cave, which barely had room for it. The dragon, which was called Gary, had a Fox wife called Paula. One very normal day, Paula had enough of the cave and wanted to move.

“I have had enough of your whining!” he shouted and then he ‘accidentally’ sat on her.

Then he began to think to himself , ‘maybe she was right. It’s quite narrow and small in here.’ So every village he knew  he burnt and owned the whole of Britain…

‘Still too small,’ he thought as he watched the fire crackle.


  1. hana1 says:

    I like how you started Leah[once upon a flame].

  2. lujane says:

    Well done leah that was good ,but make sure you put a capital leter for the tittle but the rest was completely fantastic.

  3. nawaz1 says:

    Good sentence openers. But add more detail about how the dragon burnt the villages down.

  4. Manal says:

    You have used speech correctly.You have used said and you used different sentence openers.
    Could you describe what the characters in the story look like.

  5. katie5 says:

    you deserved that certificate. I Couldn’t imagine a fox marrying a dragon ,that’s real funny. You used amazing sentence openers. You also used NounWWWs. My wish was really hard to think of but I’ve thought or one in the first sentence is didn’t really make sense.


    Once upon a flame, there lived a fire breathing dragon who lived in a rocky cave. The dragon, who was called Gary, had a wife witch was a fox called Paula. Unfortunately, the cave they lived in didn’t have enough room for even one of them not to think of two of them. One day , Paula had enough of the cave ,as it was small, and wanted to move.

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