100 word challenge

It was too late.

The fire scattered around, spreading rapidly like how fast butter can spread on bread . Thunderous waves of wings beating smacked into the houses , almost knocking them over. A dreadful sound of roaring and snorting was heard from above , and, once again ,the fire rose higher.The steady pace of beating continuously shook at the peoples’ houses , although the fire was too hot to go 15 inches close to . A blasting explosion boomed smack in the middle of the street, and now the dragon was no more than a silhouette , raging on to create more fire . . . oh dear!


  1. hira says:

    2 stars: It has a very good description 2. It gives a very vivid image

  2. hira says:

    1 wish : Maybe try to make it more cohesive

  3. Doa says:

    Hi Hana
    Star- I like the adjectives you have used,they are up leveled.
    Star 2- You have created a powerful image.
    Wish- You could use a passive sentence.

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