The Great Fire

It was too late…

The fire had all ready started.

One cold,winter night a fire hit Manchester

it was horrifying. The houses and the cars were on fire. People were

terrified because they didn’t  know what to do. People were panicking. Family were still in there houses until…

A little 7 year old screamed “AAAHHH!”  And now family began to worry.

But suddenly, a woman could see a bleary image of a dragon until she real realized  it was a fire breathing  dragon.Now people realized the dragon must off made the fire  he set of  with a grin on his face




Justin And The Sirens Harp Part II

Somehow, the girl was not alone. She had three other sea angels on the rocks behind her. All of them chuckled while the sailors ignored the leaches coming towards them and watched the girls, daydreaming they’re life with them. The leaches took one big hit at the boat, then again, and again. It was torture for the Captain because he thought he scared them of in 1892, as he had already suffered from them, many, many years ago. But they were back. Back for him.


Quin, who was another one of Justin’s shipmates, tugged on to the wooden oar and tried to ‘thwack’ the leeches away. In his manly voice he spoke, “That should do for now,” as he pulled the oar back over the side of the ship. BUT, Michael, Lenny and Tom (who stood in front of Quin), slid backwards with one leg further behind the other. As soon as he looked down, he saw leeches all over the oar. The majority of the leeches were climbing up the oar, yet the crew stood back. The sirens chuckled in the distance.











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100 Word Challenge

It was a dark and gloomy night. All you could hear was silence. Then suddenly a crash was heard. Boom, crash, bang- what was breaking the silence? Quickly, I looked outside. There was a massive, scary dragon. As quick as I could,I legged it to my parents, who were already awake, and told them to get out of the house. After a few minutes me,my mum,my dad and my brother were out of the house. When I looked outside, our house was on fire. Alarmingly,the dragon roared.The next thing I knew was we were surrounded by fire.


                                       To be continued…


Mo 100 Word Challenge

On Stormy,Cold Night There Was An Attack By A Dragon All You Could Hear Is The Dragon Raring People Screaming And The Buildings Get Flung Or The Houses Getting Fire On Them Until…The People Had No Choice ,But To Kill The Dragon.He was  Furious Dragon Just Like A Tornado Twisting And Flying Around Every Where.He Was Crashing Through Building Every One Had Someone Dead There All U could See Was Falling Buildings Crashing On Each Other And People Running Making Sure They Stay Alive. The Dragon Started Too Swoop And Swing All Over The City.Where Will It Go Next.


The tragic fire that hit England

In a city called Manchester, there was a wonderful bakery that soled the best cakes. The owner was a very clumsy man, and didn’t get full stars whenever it came to the customers decision. one day, the man was so angry that he couldn’t do any thing properly. suddenly, he created a fire. It spread into a small village and destroyed all the houses and left them in pieces . what had he done he thought. A woman was filling up her car when it happened and, in shock, she spilled all over the ground . The fire was heading her way.


100 word challenge

Once there was a village. The village was cursed by a curs of a dragon. The last time the dragon came was in 1956. The curs says the dragon would come tonight, so they went sleep. BOOM BANG ROAR. The dragon came. It had big, back wings. It was the size of 10 buses. It was spiting fire and fire balls. Everybody ran and ran until the village was gone. Nothing there but flames and ash. Loads of people died. Children died, adults died, babies died. But one man was destand to kill the dragon. He ran and ran and slashed but …



100 Word Challenge/The Dragon’s fire

One happy day everyone was having fun, until then a dragon came and blew fire everywhere. Everyone ran, screaming everywhere. Fire spread everywhere no one had nowhere to go, until then the dragon flew and taking everyone’s soul. Everyone was crying because they lost their home they had nowhere to go, but they had to leave the village the dragon flew up. Then a house exploded fire spreading more and more. That day forth there were no village after all. They had to rebuild everything, their heart were heartbroken. They had to live outside with the strong wind.

The End.


100 word challenge

One night, in the middle of the summer in a largely populated village a disaster had occurred. It was unexpected. To be specific it was around 10, everyone was preparing to sleep and we heard the village bell ring frantically. Babies were crying children were screaming and adults were panicking… We looked out of our windows to see a large bat like figure flying above us. The end of the village had been set a blaze , in a panic i led my family to a boat and helped them on. as we drifted away we watched the village turn into ashes.


a fire dragon’s delight

Once upon a flame, a fire dragon lived in a rocky cave, which barely had room for it. The dragon, which was called Gary, had a Fox wife called Paula. One very normal day, Paula had enough of the cave and wanted to move.

“I have had enough of your whining!” he shouted and then he ‘accidentally’ sat on her.

Then he began to think to himself , ‘maybe she was right. It’s quite narrow and small in here.’ So every village he knew  he burnt and owned the whole of Britain…

‘Still too small,’ he thought as he watched the fire crackle.


Manal’s 100 word challenge (homework)

At midnight,i raced up to the hill,so that i could search for any danger.Soon, i saw a black figure ,wings as sharp as a knife, soaring above me.I panicked.What was it?Why is it here?I ran as fast as i could,but it was too late.The black figure was crashing houses turning the houses into rubble.Its wings were beating rapidly high in the sky ,while my village people were trying to escape.Above the houses,the furious beast (the black figure) was spreading fire , as hot as lava, on all the houses.I could smell smoke.Is this the last time i can see my village…