Mrs Jacques’s Post on Friday, 25 November 2016

The fantastic 2C at our Performance Poetry Event today

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Mrs Jacques’s Post on Friday, 25 November 2016

The winning performance from 1M at our Performance Poetry Event today

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Mrs Jacques’s Post on Friday, 25 November 2016

The amazing 1CM at our Performance Poetry Event today

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Mrs Jacques’s Post on Friday, 25 November 2016

Easy Blog Photo
An important message from a Julia and Refal!

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Mrs Jacques’s Post on Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Easy Blog Photo
An important message from a Julia and Refal!


What is it?


Jasmine was pondering as she brushed the silky fur of this creature.A tiny,faint squeak came from this strange animal, and felt a long, wiry sort of silk.OUCH!

“Hey, that hurt!”yelled Jasmine looking down to the place she was stroking,”I guess it just bit me .Or scratched me.”

Suddenly, little paw prints appeared in the ground, getting further and further away.

“Clue !” she thought, as she followed the little path,”It could a cat , or a dog, or anything that has these kinds of paw prints.”

What could it be that Jasmine is finding now? Maybe a hamster?

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Why is water important? 6W Homework 16/11/16

Why is water important?

Water has many uses, one on many is to drink. But why should we be grateful that we have water?

We should be grateful for the water we have because no many people in countries like Africa have clean water at their disposal. It is said that humans each need up to 50 liters per day to keep clean, drink and cook food. However, the average African may only get up to 20 liters maybe less.

Another reason why water is so important is that an average human cannot survive over 3 days without some kind of liquid, preferably water.

Water also makes up for 75% of our body when we are born, and 66% as we grow older.

5 ways in which water is important

  1. 1. We need it to drink
  2. 2. We need it for cooking
  3. 3. We need it to keep clean
  4. 4. We cannot survive for more than 3 days without some
  5. 5. We need it to grow crops


A poem about a cat called Ted

One evening my cat

Decided to sit on the mat

I gave him a little pat

On his hat


I told him to rest his head

He said “I don’t want to go to bed !”

I said,”You silly Ted !”


And as Ted was awake that night ,

He had a thought that he just might ,

But his sleeping bag . . .

Was. Too. Tight .


Oh dear ,oh dear, oh no,

What is he going to do?

Maybe he should have a go,

At sleeping in a shoe .


But as he snuggled in that shoe,

He thought of an idea .

Maybe he should go upstairs

Because a spot was clear.


And as he travelled upstairs,

He noticed something else.

On one single stair,

There lay several pears.

And as he lay there munching,

He thought of the crunching,

And then forgot that he should go,

And sleep on his owner’s toe.

Image result for owner on bed with cat drawing







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Facts about water

Water is extremely important in this world , but there are also bad things about it .Here are a few facts about water , some are good and some are bad .


1.Water never disappears from earth .Well , it obviously would if you grabbed a lot of water , went into a spaceship and then dropped it into the air. But water actually is always either in the sky,in the river,on the floor and more.When you drink it doesn’t disappear.It goes into the the sewer,gets cleaned and drank again.


2.There is the same amount of water on Earth that there was when the Earth was formed .


3.90% of an apple is water .The only part of an apple that is not water is the skin and the core.


4.75% of the brain is water. If you do not have enough water , you will get a headache and your brain will not manage to function properly.


5.Water can maintain the Earth’s temperature.In the ocean , it can be below -30 degrees!


I hope you have found these facts interesting and enjoyable.If you want to see more,look at my Water Cycle blog.It is my homework blog.

Image result

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What is the RSPCA ?

The RSPCA stands for the Royal Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals . It is a charity in England that promotes animal welfare . They rescue abandoned owlets , lost dogs , and much more .People can phone the RSPCA to report about an animal in danger that they have witnessed .


As well as saving animals , the RSPCA can give people pets that they have rescued . This is because the animals may not feel very comfortable in the RSPCA , and want a proper owner , or because they simply cannot take care of them any more .


The RSPCA can also help the animals by asking people to donate money . They can use this money to help buy food ,entertainment , and other different things that would benefit the needs of animals .They have a little site and it has a section saying ‘please donate’ . This proves that they really want to help raise money for animals .


Love Animals. Hate Cruelty. RSPCA Inspector checking on the welfare of a horse in the rain.

This is a picture showing a member of the RSPCA and a horse that they are probably taking care of .

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