Cat/kitten facts

  • Cats are the most cutest , adorable animals living on earth . They are known to the whole earth , and in Egypt they used to be holy , worshipped gods ! How weird and cool is that ? Anyway, on this blog I am going to show a few interesting facts about these cuddly creatures and a simply adorable pic!

1.The cat scientific name is Felis Catus , but people just call it Felis for short .

2.There are over 50 different types of cat breeds .

  • 3.It’s lifespan is up to 15 years [domesticated].

4.The British Shorthair is the most popular cat breed in Britain.

5.A male cat is called a tom .

6.A female cat is called a queen or molly .

7. A group of cats is called a chowder .

8. Cats sleep 70% of their lives.

9.Cats have more than 20 muscles in their ears .

10. Finally , cats are the most popular pets in the USA .


Image result for one side black other orange cat



Famous one side black and one side orange Venus cat was seen on a television show .



Image result for one side black other orange cat



The kitty in the middle looks a bit like Venus , don’t you think ?







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Quick tips on Valerie Bloom!!!

If you happen to be going to the Royal Exchange Theater next Tuseday you will know that Mrs Maquana has asked us to

re-search Valerie…


Ive done some late night research and found that Valerie has a blog her self so if your stuck on research that might be a great place to start.

You will also have a book called ‘Hot Like Fire’ written by Valerie herself some of my favorite poems are pages

2,3,14,17,33,41,45,50,70,71,79,94,100,116,138,148 and 159

I hope this info helped if you have something that you think might help comment down bellow what you think is a good fact or poem.



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Targets with ThingLink

In the summer of 2015, when I met my new class, I created a ThingLink image for the children to record their hopes and targets for the following year. At different intervals through the year we watched those videos. The children were amazed to see themselves from the previous year and realise just how much they had changed and progressed. It had such an impact on them that they kept on asking to watch it time and time again.

Because of the impact that it had on the children, we have done it again this year. I wonder what this new year 6 class will think of what they said (and how they looked) when we come to look at them again later in the year.


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Homework I can create a personal profile

My name is Reece, I am a 10 year old boy who attends Bowker vale primary school in Manchester.

In my spare time I like to play out on my bike and go and visit my friends.

I also go to the skate park at the weekend, at the skate park I practice stunts on my stunt scooter and meet friends.

in the evenings, after school and weekends I enjoy playing on my I pad where I create Youtube videos, I also watch and research other youtubers such as Noah j 456, Mrroflewaffles and Tanner fox.

I also have a ps4 that I got for my birthday which I play games on and live broadcast with my friend Conner.


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Homework/6W/ 07/09/16/ I can create a personal profile…


I can create a personal profile

I’m Faith Gregory

My class is 6W and my teacher is Mr Worrall

Here is a profile about me…

My favourite subjects is art and computing.

My favourite school trip was to Mosi in 4A

Here are some links to some pictures I like… monsters/Cute monsters04.gif

(A LOT of pictures!)

I am looking forward to PGL because I like the idea of the giant swing!

My favourite sport is Rock climbing

I’m scared of heights

My favourite emojis (emoticons) are…


My favourite picture made out of emojis is this one…







(The spacing kind of messed it up!😢)

I love salmon, corn on the cob and raspberries

My favourite Toy/Teddie is one that my mum got me for my first Easter . When I was little I named him Nunkie

I have two half sibling’s ,but no whole one’s.

My half brother is called Freddy and he is one.

My half sister is called Neave and she is three.

I was born on the 13/01/2006

(My birthday was on a Friday the thirteenth!)

 I was born on the year of the dog but I’m technically a rooster because I was born before the Chinese new year.

My favourite YouTube channel is …


But I also watch…






This was my personal profile

(Comment if we have anything in common!!!)

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Sloth Facts

(Dedicated to Leah 6W)

Sloths are medium-sized mammals belonging to the families Megalonychidae and Bradypodidae, classified into six species. They are part of the order Pilosa and are therefore related to anteaters, which sport a similar set of specialized claws.

Scientific name: Folivora

Daily sleep: Brown-throated sloth: 15 – 18 hours

Higher classification: Pilosa

Mass: Brown-throated sloth: 2.2 – 6.3 kg, Pale-throated sloth: 3.8 – 6.5 kg, Maned sloth: 4.5 – 10 kg
Length: Brown-throated sloth: 42 – 80 cm, Pale-throated sloth: 50 – 75 cm, Maned sloth: 55 – 75 cm

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my name is Mahnoor I’m in year 6W.

LIFE IN YEAR SIX can be hard, but on the other hand when SATS are over it is very fun because you do a school play its very fun TRUST ME!

IF YOU LIKE FOOTBALL MR. Worrall is the one for you !

MRS. MAKWANA IS VERY KIND and I guess she is good at making you happy.

I started school in year six it was very nice  it was like life in paradise!

IN YEAR 6 the teacher expects you to show THE best behaviour for younger pupils.







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Advise about life in year 6

Year 6 the nost important thing is your behaviour because you will be preapearing for high school.The first advise is to not talk when your teacher is talking as it could get you in trouble.The second advise is to be resilient when solving tricky maths problems or writing in English.For sats you have practice a lot in order to get good marks.My best advise is to use all of you learning powers.

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Rio 2016 with haidar pt 1 is the home of the amazon rain forest is full of carnivals is were the olympics is this year.
part 2 will be made by callum 3w

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My advise for SATs is that you revise all the time and don’t forget you still need to do your 6 pieces of writing. For your 6 pieces of writing don’t talk half way through your writing because you might forget words.


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