Top 10 things about BV!

Each year, families who are joining our Early Years are invited to a meeting. In preparation for the meeting, I asked the children in assembly what they thought I should share with them.

The children came up with a Top 10 list!

  1. Our pupils are all amazing – our school community is full of children and families from different cultures
  2. Our teachers – are fantastic and fun!
  3. Our curriculum – what we learn is creative and unique (ukelele and iPads mentioned)
  4. Our school grounds – the best in the city! We have brilliant spaces to play and enjoy learning in our Forest School classrooms
  5. Assemblies – we celebrate and share
  6. We develop our Learning Powers and Growth Mindset to become better learners
  7. School dinner!
  8. Lots of teams and clubs that do really well and make BV stronger
  9. Active pupil voice that is listened to – our School Council and Learning Ambassadors are really important to us
  10. Global citizens – we know what’s going on in the world and we do our bit to celebrate and/or help. We learn about our Human Rights through Unicef’s Rights Respecting Award.

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My Favourite Olympic Sport !


What is the discus?

The discus throw is a track field event in which an athlete throws a heavy disc – called a discus – in an attempt to mark a farther distance than his or her competitors. It is an ancient sport, as demonstrated by the fifth-century-B.C.Myron statue, Discobolus. Although not part of the modern pentathlon, it was one of the events of the Ancient Greek pentathlon, which can be dated back to at least to 708 BC.

Known Athletes :

Robert Harting ( German, Current World Champion )

Jurgen Schult ( German, Current Word Record Holder Since 1986 )

Suzy Powell- Roos ( American, 15th in 2000 )

Gerhard Mayer ( Austrian, 18th in 2008 )

Li Yanfeng ( Chinese,  won China’s first discus world title )

This is a Discus

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About my favorite Olympics sport Atletics

My favourite sport is Athletics because of several fantastic things about it 
1st thing is = You can do different things in one,sport, the Athletics  are Running, jumping,throwing.                                       

 2nd thing is= You can get fit by Athletics like you can do as you see there are a few similar things in Athletics and in sport. 

3rd thing is= In the Athletics one thing that always inspires me in the Athletics is more that if your playing it becomes more about the journey than the destination and you find yourself delighted over winning.

In the Olympics there are more sports than the Athletics here are th name of more Olympics sports = ARCHERY, Basket ball,Volleyball, Boxing,Cycling BMX,Cycling mountain bike,Diving,Football,netball and much more. 

But Athletics (Mahnoor’s favourite sport which contains jumping) is my favourite and sounds so much fun.

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My favourite Olympic event

My favourite Olympic event is the diving because you can see all the hard work the Olympians do. I also like to see all the moves the Olympic divers can do and I they put so much effort in what they do. I just like watching this event. What’s your favourite event?

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Suspense writing

Silence … everything that night felt  awfully  unusual . No voice or sound except from foot steps walking through the path of sticks . The only source of light was the moon , piercing out of the clouds and into the forest . Sometimes the trees make scary images on the ground . A girl named Sky , always wished it was a dream . Sky had to come to this wretched place every night to collect a daily supply of water milk and food for her camp . Sky was never brave or confident , but she got used to it . This place was a forest , and it isn’t an ordinary forest . Every day , Sky had to come here , but in the night and she never had a torch with her . So she never knew the other things that used to creep around her . One day Sky went out , but never returned …

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Speech Sentences

Ryan asked, “Emily could you do me a favour?”

Emily answered”Of course what is it.”Image result for cartoon girl face

“Could you help me with my math homework,”Ryan questioned Emily.

“Ok!”Emily replied.Image result for cartoon girl face

(doing homework)

“Thanks Emily i appreciate it!”Ryan nicely said to Emily.

Bye Ryan!”Emily shouted.Image result for cartoon girl face

“Bye bye Emily!” Ryan exclaimed.

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Underneath Granddad’s Armchair

Underneath Granddad’s armchair,

where the vacuum never goes,

you will find toenail scrapings,

and green stuff from his nose.


you will find spots and pimples,

and plaque from his teeth,

also tummy fluff and earwax,

lurking down beneath.


under Granddad’s chair,

you’ll find a foul and filthy world,

so Granddad’s chair- BEWARE!!!!!!!!!


Facts about Italy

the  leaning tower of pisa is over 800 years old.It has 294 steps to  reach the top. the preety town and and harbar around lake garden.the colsiom was used for fighting.


The lost happy endings…

Once  upon a time there was a mysterious , stsrange looking girl called Jub she carried a dirty , sandy saterck strolling in the woods. 2 h0urs later   jub sprinkled dust and children fell asleep

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4 times table












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