My trip at PGL!!!

PGL was finally here. We were all so excited to reach our destination in Lincolnshire. We set of from school at around 9:30 and it took us 2 hours and 30 minutes to get there. When we reached PGL it was time to eat and guess what? It was pizza day!!!

We did proper activities on Tuesday. The first activity we did was high ropes. It was so scary at first, but once you had set of climbing and walking around the course it was pretty fun. We were so high it was probably around 40 feet  above ground.Me and Ebony went the course 2 times ,which i think is a pretty great achievement for me since i’m scared off high things.The next activity we did was the giant swing. Me and Ebony went first on the Giant swing, we got clipped in and pulled up. We were so high that we could see the whole city. Ebony pulled the rope and we shot right down it was amazing.

We did other activities and had a lot of fun.





Day 1

today we set of at 9:35 [i think]but first we had asembally. All our suitcases were in the hall. On the coach i sat next to my freind ELIOTT. When we got there it was pizza day so it was worth it. It was afternoon so we played a bit of football. About 2 hours later we played ambush.After a while we played MANHUNT!!!!

day 2

After a good night sleep my good freind Eliott woke me up at about 7:30.In my room i had daniel [6m]emanuel and eliott. Our group leader mazie [crazy mazie as evryone calls her]took us to breakfast. I had shredded wheat squares with alot of sugar.


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my half term holidays

On my half term holidays i went to the great the glorious LONDON!!! 


Once we got settled, we set of to London. I was the most excited out of my mum my dad my sister and even my baby brother (just to tell you my brother was excited)! However an our later I was the most bored of them all because we had to drive for 4 whole hours (4 hours of no moving boring) my brother was crying my sister was moaning I wanted to just stretch and flex (come out of the car and stretch)

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PGL WEEK!!!!!!

MONDAY: The first day on Monday we went to pgl was ok. The only reason why it was ok its because the couch 2hr and 30 min jorney plus our rooms were given late. But the best part of the day was PIZZA!!!!!!. We finally settled down in our rooms unpacked and rested. Then we went out to play more games. We again settled down in our rooms for the night games. The amazing game i played at night was called ambush it was like in the army. Then we played manhunt me and hayan were on. After manhunt it was finally bed time.

TUESDAY: The next morning mrs burly woke me and my room mates up. After a few minutes we went out to the dining room for breakfast. Mmmmmm my favrioute shreaded wheat. Then we went back in our rooms for 5 minutes back for the activties. My group mrs burlys group did zip wire first. I felt nervous at first but then i let go of the ropeand did a superman pose. Next was tunnel trail. That was ok because i thoughtthe groud was going to fall on me and espesily the little tunnels i get squished. Then lunch time had come. We came back out for the giant swing. As soon as we arrived oh boy. I pulled the rope and and swing ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I said to mrs burley never ever again want to look at that. After evreyone  had finshed we headed over to the high ropes.  Haseeb was like a baggati speeding through the hole cycle.

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I had the time of my life at pgl (know as pearents get lost).It took 2 and a half hours ,but once we got there we played a big match of football and then we had pizza it was hot they had every thing salad bar sause and bread on the day. We got there we played and played and un packed to room are the best. At night we played games ambush and man hunt, the next morning we had cearal toast bacon , beans. Next day we did high ropes, giant swing, absailing and climing wall (try them all u only get to do it once and it is actually so fun).


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The suns bright beam blasted through my was Wednesday morning It arrowed  straight at my weary eyes which made me wake up.I dragged my curtains back.I leaped of my .bed and went downstairs and watch TV.A few hours later.we went to Trafford Centre to go to Sea Life and sea the fished swim swiftly in the salty water.

After we we went to eat at subway and we got some ice cream on the way back.

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PGL 2016

Our trip to PGL was amazing. On the first day we arrived and had dinner and lucky for us it was PIZZA . Later on that night ,we a game called ambush were we had a set of arrrows and we placed the every few yards until we hid then the opposing team would come and try and found you and if they did they had to shout AMBUSH. After the games we went to bed (well didnt really  go to bed straight to bed) .

In the morning we had to wake up at 7:00 am and had breakfast at around 7:45 am (but it was worth it). Over the course of the day , we attempted high ropes, giant swing ,tunnel trail and zip wire all as thrilling as the other. Once night had fallen , we played a few more games and then had a campfire, with a lot of singing.

We did many more games ect. and the week was AWSOME!

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For my amazing , mind blowing holiday I went to a restaurant with my family and ate some delicious , yummy food they EVEN HAD ICE CREAM AND POPCORN IN THERE AMAZING!!!!!As I came in I grabbed a plate and went looking around what I want to eat and what I like. After that I went to look for popcorn , ice cream , chocolate , and delicious sweets. By the end I felt sick after all the sweets , but still had a good time and I hope I will be going there back soon to eat more than last time!!!!!! When I got home all I did is went to have a warm bath and plunged my self on my bed and went into a big big big sleep and had a relaxing day. Waiting for tomorrow for another AMAZING day!!!!!!!!!

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Celebrity’s Children’s Lives

Have you ever wondered what a celebrity’s child’s life is like? Well welcome to Athleteens-a cross between athletes and teenagers. This is were I give you extracts of my book that I will (hopefully) publish.



Everyday is the same for Christina Pearsley.

She aces ice-skating practice and always

gets a gold medal.Until she breaks her leg….



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Activity’s we did at P.G.L!


On Monday we didn’t do any activity’s we just played and went around P.G.L, but at night we went out and played Ambush (a game where there are two teams and one team counts to 5 minutes and the other team place arrows and if you go passed the arrows that they are hid next to they shout “AMBUSH!” and they win but if you see or hear them you can shout “AMBUSH!” and you win) and then we played Man Hunt (two people are it and you have to get back to where they started without getting caught.


On Tuesday we had High Ropes, Giant Swing, Tunnel Trail and Zip Wire.


On Wednesday we had Abseiling, Orienteering, Jacob’s Ladder and Climbing.


On Thursday we had Aeroball, All Aboard, Problem Solving and Vertical Challenge.


On our last day we had Trapeze and Archery.

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