white witch

The wicked white witch! who else could she be. Disgraceful, despicable long and willowy She is the white witch. skin like a ghost lips as red as strawberries. body covered in polar bear fur . long, curly  hair sat on her broad, cruel shoulder.A gold crown fitted onto her head. Blonde , golden hair . point of her crown  deadly pointed! Her heart cold and lifeless .What could she be up to? Staring insanely as well eyes tired and cold whilst staying in the winter. The queen of Narnia she can be called a cold-hearted women ever met! Bitter-angry-frosty could she be trusted!!


The Chronicles of Narnia The Loin, The Witch and The Wardrobe

It all started in World War II. It was in the  middle of the war, when Lucy, Edmund, Peter, Susan and their family had to run in to their air raid shelter,, but Edmund ran back inside and shouted “DAD!”  Then Peter ran after him.  When they ran in to the house, they nearly got hit. Luckily, they ducked and ran back in to the air raid  shelter.

The next day, they were all at the train station getting ready to be evacuated to a family they have never met before. The person they were getting evacuated was called the Professor.

When the got of the train, the Professor had his house made to come and pick them up from the place where the train dropped them off at. When they got to the house, the Professor’s house made showed them where they were sleeping, but the boys had one bedroom and the girls had another bedroom. After they had unpacked, they started playing hide and seek, so Peter started to count “1…..2……3……4……5….” All the rest went to hide. Lucy found a wardrobe ( a magic wardrobe) Then all of a sudden, Lucy fell back and  it felt cold and it felt crispy. All of a sudden, she saw a faun and he jumped up and dropped all of his stuff, then hid behind a tree. Bravely, the faun introduced his self  “Hi my name is Mr Tumnus” Then Mr Tumnus took Lucy to his home.  He played some music and Lucy fell asleep, but Mr Tumnus let Lucy wake up again and took her home because he  didn’t want to give The White Witch so he let her go.

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The white witch is a unpleasant queen who rules Narnia

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The white witch has Narnia under her thumb [ In Charge ]


The white witch made Mr Tumnus go to jail just because he has been with lucy. The white witch thinks that Peter,Susan,Edmund and Lucy are the son and daughter  of Eve And Adam but soon The white witch found out they was not the son of Adam and eve. The white witch betrayed lucy and the others, so the whole family teamed up with the mighty Aslan who is a talking Lion. They had a big battle against the bad and good. Sadly the white witch killed Edmund. Aslan got angry and  killed the white witch. Aslan gave peter a potion to revive Edmund. Before he came to life Lucy cried.


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About Narnia

In year 5 H we are reading a book called Narnia and it begins here…
Air raid’s and bombs are making explosion and fire in London!!!!!!!Everybody was running about ready to get out to a safe place .Lucy,who is the youngest, was in bed crying.Edmund ,at the beginning ,ran in the dangerous house!Peter the ran in after Edmund “Edmund come back, don’t worry i’ll him”screamed Peter as he ran in the house.The reason why Edmund ran in is because he wanted to get a picture of his dad.

The journey took ages ,finally the journey for them stopped.A house keeper ,Mrs Mikridi came to pick them up.A few days later Edmund,Peter,Susan and Lucy were playing hide and seek. Lucy hid in a MAGICAL wardrobe. There she met a magical world and she met a faun…

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The Chronicles of Narnia the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe…

One day Peter , Susan , Edmund and Lucy got sent to the professors house because their house got evacuated.They had to leave their mum,which was a hard thing to do, if I was them I wouldn’t want to leave my mum.Another day came and everyone was so bored until….Lucy said to Peter “Can we please play hide and seek?”

Then Peter said “Okay 1….2….3….4!” Everyone decided to hide

Susan,Lucy and Edmund -where are they                                                         all hiding ?

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Narnia the story so far

Narnia the story so far Lucy a girl who is in our book goes through a wardrope  and finds a snowy land called Narnia she meets a strange looking creacher called a thorn which is half human half goat Lucy says ” hello pleased to meet you the thorn called her a beardless dwarf she went and had tea with him she goes back through the wardrope  she has tow brothers’ and one sister she come out of the wardrope and tells every one her brother goes through and meets a tall woman that feeds him

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The Chronicles Of Narnia!All About The White Witch!

Strange, bitter, confident – this is what she is!

Displeasing, inquisitive, cruel – is that how she talks to a stranger?

The powerful, evil queen, whose heavy, thick cloak draped over her shoulders like a blanket of snow, was as bitter as the frosty morning air.



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The Chronicles of Narnia the lion,witch and the wardrobe!

hi i am going to write what happened so far in our year 5 book …

It all started when these four brothers and sisters were evacuated because of the bombing in London

between the time of world war 2. There were two brothers and two sisters. Lucy was the youngest,then it was the

second oldest Edmund ,next it was Susan the second oldest,finally the first oldest was Peter.They missed their dad

because he went to war. They missed their mum too. Lucy is a very polite,curious and honest little girl who first

started the Narnia adventure.Edmund is a very unkind, rude,tempered ,selfish and sly character.Just when Peter

and Susan act like mum and dad to him he just storms out of the room.He only likes doing thing him self. Susan and

peter are very mature about everything! Well we should thank Lucy for everything. Read the book and find out more

adventures! I also might write more about the book.


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My AMAZING trip to PGL!

when we arrived at PGL it looked tiny at first, until we explored the whole area. We got to see all the activities including the giant swing [my favourite] there was SO MUCH! The second day was the best because we got to go on the giant swing, once you pulled the rope you went soaring through the air it was so much FUN! One of the scariest parts of PGL was the high ropes the were really wobbly. I was so fast at the start then I got slower but more confident. Another one of my favourites was the zip wire, it was awesome, I went zooming down. There was a tier with a 10 pound note in it, you had to try and get it but nobody could reach. Not even Mr Worrall could get it.

For the last day we did archery and trapeze, I didn’t really like trapeze because there was bird poo all over the platform. Archery was fun though. Overall it was fun and I would want to go again.

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My Half Term Holidays!

My half term holidays were a BLAST! I went to YORK! It was so good that I will tell you all about it!

The Beginning

So on Friday most kids would take the opportunity to sleep in and and loaf around, but NOT ME!!! I got on a train with my mom and sister -Bijou- and zoomed off to York….

In The Train

We eventually reached York after ALOT  of singing, food and imagining of what York would look like. Our mom sat in front of us and the journey to York took forever, but once we were there it seemed like it had taken no time at all. Well, that’s what it’s always like! York smelt a bit funny, but that was probably all the farms because they always stink! Or it could have just been the pollution….

In conclusion, York is lovely, it has a lot of vikings, we met one, we held an ax, ate pizza express, made magic, went into a train museum, saw the royal families train and came back!


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