white witch

The wicked white witch! who else could she be. Disgraceful, despicable long and willowy She is the white witch. skin like a ghost lips as red as strawberries. body covered in polar bear fur . long, curly  hair sat on her broad, cruel shoulder.A gold crown fitted onto her head. Blonde , golden hair . point of her crown  deadly pointed! Her heart cold and lifeless .What could she be up to? Staring insanely as well eyes tired and cold whilst staying in the winter. The queen of Narnia she can be called a cold-hearted women ever met! Bitter-angry-frosty could she be trusted!!


  1. doa says:

    You need a capital letter for the White Witch.

  2. jugraj says:

    I really really like your sentences it really creates an image in my head and i like you adjectives.

  3. iram says:

    when you wrote who else could she be you need to put a question mark?

  4. thomas11 says:

    I like the story and it’s brilliant.But at the noun w,w,w you didn’t use an capital letter.

  5. manal says:

    This is a great paragraph about the White Witch!


    Next time use Capital Letters.

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