The white wich

Could she be eveil?

The tall,skiny women, who was walking down the path,was at a frosty land, which was at Narnia.The White Which  ,who had ice stripes on her head was cold ,which was a crown.The white fluffy cardigon that she was  wearing looked very cousey to wear.The crown was very pointy and deadly long. The dress that she was wearing looked very icy and frosty.


The gynormous marvlas which, who had long curley hair was deep blond and brown . Her heart was full of ice she looked very crewl.


  1. doa says:

    Could you improve this sentence :

    The White Witch, who had ice stripes on her head was cold, which was a crown.

  2. jugraj says:

    I really like it but just remember your spellings and it makes seance

  3. iram says:

    you have some good adjectives

  4. katie5 says:

    i love your work but there is just one problem in a sentince but you can check it and it will be amazing well done

  5. hana1 says:

    Lovely work Lujane ! I especially like how you have used a variety of sentence types , and not just one over and over and over again .

    Instead of ‘the crown was very pointy and deadly long’ , you could write ‘the frosty,winter crown was extremely pointy and deadly long’ .

    1. lujane says:

      thank you for helping hannah it was very kind of you

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