Story of…

One stormy pitch black night lighting struck Manchester and all hell raised.Tom was panic-stricken and hid under his covers.The next day Tom was sent to give Grandmar some food because she was sick.Tom saw a kid with thick long hair and overalls with a cap . I was wanting to turn back ,but it was rude then he babbled “boo yall” .I carried on plodding on the brown mud.After that he came across a red,shining,small hoody hung between 2 huge trees that were right near each other,so I gripped on to it and took it from the trees.It started to snow and when I looked down at my trainers and all I could see was a white crystal blanket and suddenly I found a piece of paper it looked very old it was very informative so I folded it up for later I saw the sun prancing around the the light blue sky.then…a dark creature glyed around a haunted of from in the distance.”Jack,Jack,Jack run im watching you”babbled the creature.I ran in side for safety I could hear a scuttring noise form under the scurtting bored.I was scared.What is going to happen .Im I safe.Will I get out of hear? the end




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What i know about light

I know that the creator of the light was a person named Thomas Edison, who was told by a teacher”he was too foolish and stupid to learn even the easiest things.”As we can all see, the teacher was wrong. The light bulb was invented in 1879, so is 137 years old in 2016! The light bulb is powered by an energy called electricity, which is dangerous when switched on. Before light bulbs were oil lamps and candles that could somehow set fire. The top of the light bulb is where the light comes out of (the circle), which is activated by a switch or anything similar. Light bulbs are important because they light up places, with low chances of putting them in danger (the light might pop because it’s overheated). This shows that it protects you more.

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The Lion, the Witch and the wardrobe

Lucy fell a asleep in the house.

Edmund was siting on the witch chair.  susan was play snow fight in the snow.


The Chronicles of Narnia The Lion , The Witch and The Wardrobe

So far we have read, about how Susan, Peter , Edmund and Lucy got evacuated to the countryside, we have also read about the incredibly long journey on the train. We read about how they were playing hide and seek and then found the icy wonderland , which was called Narnia. Narnia was icy and white ad was always winter , but never Christmas. It was never Christmas because there was a sly , crafty Witch that made it never Christmas, and the exact same Witch made Edmund want to go to her house in Narnia and told him he could become king



The Chronicles Of Narnia – The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe

As the pure, white snow tumbled from the clear, blue sky, the four children stepped into a magical land and ran towards tall fir trees covered in crystal clear sprinkles…

Lucy had been to a wondrous world! She had stepped through the wardrobe walked towards a lampost as black as the night sky, had tea with a faun and had a wonderful tea of cake, toast and sardines. Yet her brothers and sister didn’t believe that she had fell through a wardrobe and entered a magical land stayed there for hours and came out when they were still just leaving the room with her! Lucy felt very upset when later on they all went to see if Narnia was there, but they found the back of the oak wood wardrobe. as they left the room once more watery shields of sadness appeared over Lucy’s eyes. For the next few days Lucy was filled with sadness and wouldn’t play,but yet did she know what would happen on the next rainy day…


The white wich

Could she be eveil?

The tall,skiny women, who was walking down the path,was at a frosty land, which was at Narnia.The White Which  ,who had ice stripes on her head was cold ,which was a crown.The white fluffy cardigon that she was  wearing looked very cousey to wear.The crown was very pointy and deadly long. The dress that she was wearing looked very icy and frosty.


The gynormous marvlas which, who had long curley hair was deep blond and brown . Her heart was full of ice she looked very crewl.


The white whitch

The white witch ,which is a demon,owns Narnia .Angrily ,the white which walked off the sledge and found at Edmund . Evil strong powerful the white which zoomed with her sledge down the snowy light path .Her blond hair is holding her cold light hair.The more the dwarf ran to Edmund with a knife the more Edmund ran away from him.


Narnia prediction book

Edmund and the wardrobe  the next chapter is called I think what happened to lucy and the wardrobe maybe the exact same thing happens to Edmund,but I predict he wont get away with going back to the wardrobe .Its the same faun and he does let him go , yet when he is walking through the woods he is going to get captured by spies such as the trees and the hidden people !                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       by:Hira                  


Narnia the story

Today it was thundery day Susan and Peter were playing a word game then Lucy said to peter can we play hide and seek Lucy said please okay said Peter was counting 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13 ready or not hire I come


The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe

So far: Peter, Susan, Edmund , Lucy and their mother, were in a middle of a Blitz. Sadly their dad was in war and the children had to be  evacuated- Mother would be on her own. It was a long train journey, but soon arrived at their new home.

The house was HUGE house, which a old Professor lived in. Peter and Edmund went into the girls’ room to talk it over. Edmund, who is the second youngest, likes to wind up his youngest  sister Lucy. it was soon night time and they all went to bed.

The next morning, Lucy asked her older siblings if they could play Hide and Seek. ” Lucy we’re already having so much fun!” Peter exclaimed. Susan agreed with playing and so did Edmund. ” 1… 2… 3… 4… 5…” Peter counted.

Susan hid in a box, Edmund hid in a cupboard with a curtain door and Lucy,well she hid in a wardrobe. Fur coats brushed past her until a very hard coat brushed past her. Snow was under her feet… SHE WAS IN THE LAND OF NARNIA! So, she met a fawn, Mr Tumnus, and went to his very strange home and he was meant  to capture her!

He let her go and she landed back in the spare room she first found the Wardrobe.

Everyone thought she was telling a story. Edmund made her day a misery.

Later on Edmund followed her into the wardrobe one time and saw the White Witch! Now all the children are in Narnia because Edmund lead them their….

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