Ducklings Day 1


The duck eggs have arrived from the farm! There are 7 eggs which we hope will all hatch into ducklings in the next few days. They were laid by Mummy Duck about 25 days ago – any not hatched by Friday would never have been strong enough to survive.

They will remain in their Brooder Box this week and next week the ducklings will be visiting classrooms! How exciting!

Can anyone research any interesting duck or duckling facts to post?


  1. mahnoor says:

    Male ducks are called Drakes, females are calledHens, and baby ducks are known as Ducklings.
    A ducks quack does echo!

    Mahnoor 6W

  2. gurleen2 says:

    As well as seeing above water they can also see underwater.

  3. Abdul5DT says:

    If the ducklings are girls call them beck and ashlee if its a boy call it Gooda And Jerry 😮

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