PGL Thursday

Today was our last full day of activities. They included Aeroball, All Aboard, Problem Solving and Vertical Challenge. We all enjoyed Aeroball: you bounce on trampolines and play a type of basketball game. It was an energetic and competitive activity. All Aboard involves working in teams of three to get on to different platforms, whilst climbing up a pole. At the top you had to get on to a wooden square that was the size of a pizza box. If there was more than one person, you then had to lean back and let go to be left dangling in the air. Problem Solving made us work in teams to take on different challenges such as making a balance board perfectly balance, whilst we were stood on top and many more. We learnt how important communication is. Vertical Challenge was another climbing activity. We had to climb up rope ladders, tyres, a climbing wall and a net to get to the top. It is clear that we are all improving our ability to climb and that our fears and worries have gone. The end of the night was disco night and we all got a chance to show off our dancing. Tomorrow is our last day and we have two more activities. After that, we will all get the chance to see our families and friends when we return.

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PGL Wednesday

We woke up to clear blue skies, but a frosty morning. Our activities were: Abseiling, Orienteering, Jacob’s Ladder and Climbing. For most of us, it was our first time abseiling and we had to climb through a barrier 40 feet in the air, lean back and either walk or jump down. We had to develop our map skills for orienteering to find items all over the site of PGL. We worked in teams to support each other, so that we all improved. Jacob’s Ladder is another activity for teamwork. Three children worked together to climb a huge ladder that had increasing sized gaps that ended up to be the size of an adult. We all did very well and some even got to the top! Climbing had us tackling a wall with holders in them that we had to use our arms and legs to get closer to the top and ring a bell. So many children are conquering their fears now. In the evening we played Capture The Flag. This was a fun-filled, super-active game that had us invading the other team’s half and try to get the flag back to the other side. We had lots of fun doing this. It was a sad evening as we had to say goodbye to Miss Allely and Miss Dobson, but we welcomed Miss Durcan and Mr Jones to the site and they are looking forward to taking part tomorrow.

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My holidays!

I didn’t go home after school I stayed to do tinkering club with mr Worral. We used Makey Makey and with Makey Makey you clip it to some fruit and if you tap the fruit it will come up on your computer.

The next day was Friday and me my mum and dad went to drop my sister off at my nanas house. Then me my mum and dad went to the Trafford centre to find some paint to paint the house, because we are moving soon.

A couple of days later on Sunday we went to worsly, because we were going to get our new belt in martial arts. After a couple of hours we got our new belts which were green and after we went home.

On Thursday we went to look at some new houses and we got to go inside some of the show houses they have only just been built and it will take about four years until more are built.

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PGL 2016 – Tuesday

Another glorious day and the first day of our activities. Today we had High Ropes, Giant Swing, Tunnel Trail and Zip Wire. High Ropes is like an obstacle course 40 feet above the ground. It is a nerve-wracking experience, but a lot of us managed to conquer our fears. Miss Dobson finally managed to complete it after four years of trying! Giant Swing is a thrilling activity, which requires teamwork and a lot of guts. Someone even has to reach behind them to pull the rope to release the swing. Tunnel Trail was an adventure underground, where we played lots of games crawling through different sized tunnels. Zip Wire requires you to run off a platform and sail across the countryside, high above the ground. We think people back at school might have heard Miss Allely scream on this one! We learnt a few more games and once night had fallen, we ended the evening with a campfire that had different stories and songs. We are all tired after an energetic day, but are looking forward to doing it all over again tomorrow.

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Ducklings Day 1


The duck eggs have arrived from the farm! There are 7 eggs which we hope will all hatch into ducklings in the next few days. They were laid by Mummy Duck about 25 days ago – any not hatched by Friday would never have been strong enough to survive.

They will remain in their Brooder Box this week and next week the ducklings will be visiting classrooms! How exciting!

Can anyone research any interesting duck or duckling facts to post?


PGL 2016 – Monday


After our journey to Lincolnshire, we arrived to a lovely, sunny day. Even better: it was pizza day! That went down a storm. After lunch, we played some games and then went on a tour of the grounds. We got a first look at some of the exciting (or scary) challenges that await us this week. Then some of us had a game of football, whilst the others played different games. It was then time for us to go and settle into our rooms and get unpacked. We had some time to get ready for the evening’s events. We had a delicious dinner and then played Ambush and Manhunt in the dark. This involved hiding in bushes around the grounds in the pitch dark. The scariest part was when we disturbed the birds who were nesting for the night! We then headed to our rooms and are looking forward to all of the activities that are in store for us tomorrow.

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Write your comments below on what you have seen and if you have any questions.

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At P.G.L I can’t wait to have the food: Mr Worrall was saying the food is delicious. Also I cannot wait to go on the Zip Wire because  Mrs Birley said there’s a £10 note hanging on the tree. I know i won’t get the £10 note. In a addition to this i’m looking  forward to the Giant Swing , but i’m not looking forward to pull the rope. There’s a disco at P.G.L. I ‘m not really looking forward to it: we recently just had a disco at school. Luckily i’m not in Mr Worrall’s group otherwise we would of got left at the bottom only if we were slow on Jackob’s Ladder.

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What i hope will happen at PGL.

What I hope will happen in PGL.

After waiting for 6 years the time has finally come to an end! When i get to PGL, sort out my things and find out our groups, I hope all of the people i’m with will be able to get along with everyone there, Which means: no shouting/arguing, definitely no fighting and a lot of agreements on ideas! I also hope for the fun games to take place when we’re outside enjoying (or disliking) the weather. There will be lots of fun activities going on that i hope everybody in the 2 classes will take part in. During PGL, i also hope that Mr. Worrall and Mrs. Birley will scare somebody in the night, which they do every year in the night to almost every group! Somehow they manage to scare them every single time! When we get to the camp fire event, i hope that all of the stories told will give you suspense of what will happen next. However i also hope that no one will get injured in the activities that we do (which is very unlikely) for example: zip wire, jacob’s ladder, rock climbing and canoeing. These all are reasons i would love to go to PGL.

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My Half Term Holidays!

My half term holidays were amazing. Although our holidays were short, they packed with fun and enjoyment every day. I often woke up quite early, gave myself breakfast and watched TV. I didn’t know what we were going to do that friday, but that was what made it exciting. However, I was not alone being up early because my younger brother was on the PS3 (as usual). I waited for some thing to do… and waited… and waited.

This was quite boring, and by now everyone was awake. Unexpectedly, my cousin walked in the living room (I assumed mum let him in) and sat down next to me, asking me if I wanted to go upstairs and play on the PS3.That was what we did for 1-2 hours until he unfortunately had to leave, only to say he would connect with me online… and I did.

My other catch of the day was that we were eating at a posh restaurant. Furthermore, we were going to invite our close friend called Aamina and Ibrahim there. I had a chicken steak along with Ibrahim, but everyone else had curry with naan bread. Alternatively, the desert was very fancy, but they had no variety. Consequently, I had a classic vanilla ice cream.

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My Holidays

On my half term holidays I went to Pontins which is a place in Southport. On my first day I went to watch the wrestling and played football. The second day I went swimming with my cousins who came with us. After we went swimming I went on the trampolines.

At the night the time we went to the disco and to watch the shows. The next day my friend came to visit us and spend the day with us, we played football and had a Chinese meal. Me and my cousins and sister hired a family bike and rode around the site taking turns pedaling and stirring the bike.

When we come home we packed my case to go to PGL with school. I am excited to go there and have fun.

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