My Holidays (Homework)


Over the Christmas holidays it was an exciting time. I went shopping with my mom and we wrapped the presents I helped my mom decorate the Christmas tree and we put the presents underneath. I did loads of exiting thing like watch films, open presents, eat turkey and beef, go places and watch exploding firework go off as they sparkle in the sky.    


      On Christmas eve (the day before Christmas) our family watched Christmas films like but the one film what we watch every year is polar express we love that film. Al day we watched films until we went to bed and waited till Christmas day.


     8:30Am Christmas day. I was the first one to wake up out of the family so first I woke my dad up and then my brother but I didn’t wake my mom up because we got her a present and she was really tired from the day before. Downstairs under the tree was presents stacked on presents stacked on more presents it was amazing first I got my presents and separated them from my brother so we didn’t get mixed up. Then  I started opening then and the first one was a £40 steam card the 2nd one was a box and inside the box was a cup with another box and inside that box was hot chocolate and there was also a hot water bottle 3rd present a minecraft book what I always wanted 4th gift a minion puzzle out of jigsaw pieces 5th gift pajamas they were so soft 6th gift a coat 7th gift a game called minecraft story mode 8th gift 2016 believe it or not book 9th gift a set of tom gate books which I needed because I didn’t  finish the books and the final gift was a computer.    








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Happy New Year

Happy 2016!

Have you made a new year’s resolution? What is it?




I had one of the best holidays ever mostly because it was my birthday. For the first week we didn’t do much , but when it reached the 25th it got existing! It was my birthday on the 25 so we all decided to buy a wii u and it was amazing! Then came Boxing Day where we bought a lot of clothes for my mum. After that we started to do a lot of shopping for 3 days!

The first place we went for shopping is Trafford centre were we spent 9 hours (aprox). Then we went arndale centre for the rest of the two days. After that it was all most school so we went to buy school shoes and clothes. Finally the last day we all relaxed. 🙂

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my holiday to Canada!!!!!!

3:00 am. Me my dad woke up to set of to the airport but first we had to pick up my two cousin one is 17 one of them is 19. My dads sister came along so did my mom, my mom was at a sleepover at theres. about half-an-hour later we arrived. At Man airport we were just at the desk putting in our in to a machine that takes it into the plane. Then my mom and my dads sister left the airport with one hug and kiss. Then my dad and my cousin went out for a min or two came back in to the departures and just waited in the endless que. After that we saw the computer and said where we needed to go and our flight time, but that was now. We finally came into the plane thomson airways. Then we finally arrived over 6 hours on the plane. It was actually pretty hot down over there and just found a hotel and there food back in my stomach didn’t eat from 3 till now 6 or 7.

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This holiday was probably the best holiday i have ever had! including christmas, trips, new years, fireworks, shopping for christmas and lots more.

About 3 days after the end of school, my mum had already told me that she had bought the presents already. I was astounded because I thought she would have done so 3 days earlier than christmas. Everybody was so happy at the time. We started decorating the christmas tree, putting on baubles and lights. It was christmas eve before we knew it and my sister (Bianca) was rapping the gifts and got furious if anyone entered the room.

Christmas came so quick. we all had lots of fun, went to church and unfolded our gifts. All of us were very happy, even if it was not what we requested. We had a great christmas dinner with turkey gravy, beef, rice (fried)  and cake.

On new year’s eve my father had gone round to places to find good fireworks to buy. He came back with some fantastic fireworks and amazing lighters just 2 hours after my dad had come home, it was new years. We ran outside, set up the fireworks lit them up and BOOM! They exploded into the sky and the colours emerged from one to another. We soon set the round one off and it was amazing.


My Holiday-Top Three

3rd best day

Friday 25th December
Place : Restaurant
My dad kept a secret for days, until Friday afternoon, when he told me and my brothers to get dressed into your best clothes and meet him downstairs.We did exactly as we were asked and when we got down, he then asked us to get in his car and close our eyes.When I opened my eyes, I realized that we arrived at an… alleyway. My family headed north so I followed and found out that the real place we were headed for- a restaurant. We hurried in (due to the bad weather) and ate to our fill. There was some things I had never had before, like grated carrots boiled in syrup, which sounded bad but tasted good (like I always say, you can’t judge a book by it’s cover!)

2nd best day

Saturday 27th December
Place : Home
Out-of-the-blue, my mother told me that two special guests were coming but she didn’t say who, I guessed I had to just wait and see. Half an hour later, the doorbell rang, so I opened the door and my seven-year-old cousin, Zain, stood at the door with his mother behind him. Little did I know someone else was soon to arrive… I welcomed my cousin and took him upstairs to play on my console. After a couple of games, a head peeped out of my bedroom door. It was my eleven-year-old cousin, Yusra, from Cardiff (which meant I only saw her a couple of times every year.) We played on the console for a while, then headed downstairs for some tea and cake and to welcome Yusra’s sisters (Layla-14 and Fahima-18.)

1st best day

Thursday 31st December
Place : Home
This day, unlike the rest, was no surprise to me, for I had planned it. I had told my family that since it was almost the new year, we should celebrate. When the afternoon of day dawned upon us, we decided now was the time to start the party, only there was one problem: my mother had forgotten the party food and decoration. The party was ruined…or so I thought. After a bit of thinking, I had a plan to save the party. I woke my dad up from his mid -day nap (his job is tiring), and asked if I could go shopping with him in an hour’s time. When he finally woke up, we went to get the things we needed and came back to enjoy the party. New year was saved…no thanks to my mum!(Although she made it up to us by cleaning up our mess)

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My Holidays

For a few days I didn’t do much, but a couple days later we went to Broughton in Salford to go help some of the people who were flooded. We went to some apartments to deliver some stuff. Finally it was Christmas I was, so excited to open my presents. after a while it was time for Christmas dinner, so my nana came and my uncle, Paul who also brought his guitar which was fun, because he played it.



My trip to Taha’s house

On New Years Day (Friday) I had got a text from Taha saying “Are you allowed to my house tommorow at 12:45 ?” So I asked my mum and she said “Yes your allowed to go,” I was so happy when she said yes i’m allowed because it will be the first time she agreed.The next morning arrived and I was so happy.It was about 11:00am when I woke up.I got out of my bed and brushed my teeth.After brushing my teeth I went downstaries and asked my mum “What should I eat?”She din’t answer me so I had chosen Crunchy Nut.When I finished eating I went upstaries and had a bath.By the time I got out of the bath and got ready it was 12:00am, but I still had 45mins left.I can’t wait 45 mins.After 25 mins Taha text me “You can come now!!”As quick as a flash I put my shoes on and made my way to his house.15-20  mins later I reached Taha’s house.When I steepped into his house I saw Taha and then he said “Look at my new cats!” They were adorable.One cat ,who was called Truffle hated me soo much he scratched me on my hand.Taha’s sister Haniya said “Hi what do you want to play?” I didn’t reply.Taha showed me his new WII U. That was the first time I saw that.So I started to play it.I won 2 times.After playing Mario me and Taha started to wrestle each other.Whilst wrestling Taha’s brother came and was wresling us.So we made teams Me and Taha v Amaan and Haniya (Taha’s sis).Kindley Taha’s mum servered us food (yummy).I met one cat called Gizmo it likes me soo much it evens sleeps on me and takes selfies with me .Sadley I had to go but i still said to Taha i had a brilliant time Thank you.



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Plans for 2016

My plan is to visit these places in 2016:

  • pencil museum
  • Manchester airport runway visitor park
  • Dinosaur museum
  • Science museum
  • the Manchester tram museum
  • Manchester car museum
  • north wales (caravan)
  • jewish museum
  • football museum
  • police museum
  • war museum

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