bear and hare

I am using DAD for this pharagraph about the bear and the hare John Lewis Christmas advert.



In a forest full of life there was a gingerish,brownish bear ,who was best friends with a pale grey hare . The hare rode on the bear’s back . Slowly the bear rotated his head upward and the hare slid off. A single snow flake fell onto his nose. “Whats wrong,” questioned the hare.

“I…..I have to get ready to hibernate,” wimpered the bear.

“But you promised you would stay and not hibernate this year”moned  the hare

” I know but it is my animal instincts,”  said the bear in a anxious manor.

if you enjoyed or if you have something that I could improve don’t  hesitate to comment.





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The bear and the hare

Happily, the birds chirped cheerfully, 2 hours later, the bear and the hare wandered through a cold,frosting  path in the forest. Suddenly, Bear stopped and Hare slid off his brown ,furry back. Bear stared at the blue,clear,crystal sky. He looked very tired.

” Why are you yawning?” asked Hare.

“It is time to hibernate” replied Bear quietly.

A white,tiny snowflake landed on Bear’s black nose. Bear glanced at his nose for 1 minute. Hare’s ears went down. He knew his best friend had to hibernate again at Christmas. This is the John Lewis Advert.

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The bear and the hare

In the frosty blue sky the geese  flew south. It was then the bear knew he had to go. The bear plodded on the cold, hard floor with his best friend Hare . The Bear stood up and the hare fell off his back. Bear yawned tiredly ,A snow flake dropped on his nose and his  hare new he had to go.

The bear  whispered “its time for me to go know”

The hare said “but i don’t want you to go .


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The bear and the hare

Deep in a glistening forest , where joys came to life , two friends forever lived . Trudging along a frosty pathway , a maroon bear slowly and very gradually made his way to his destination . Perched onto his back , a concrete – grey hare dangerously balanced . As the bear gazed into the crystal – clear , ocean – blue sky , the hare landed on the ground with a thump !

” Hey ! Tell me why you did that ! ” demanded the hare , stroking his ear of his face .

” I am just checking what the weather is , ” explained the bear thoughtfully , ” hibernation for me is coming soon . ”

From the depths of the chalk – white clouds , a snowflake fluttered delicately in the wind and landed on the bear’s coal – black nose ! Without warning , the bear shuddered and yawned , as if he would give up anything just to have one single rest . Drooping sadly , the hare’s long , sturdy ears fell to his back . A flock a cheerful chirping birds pointed to south and flew over them in one blinding flash as a sad moment filled the air . Light streamed through certain gaps in the clouds , illuminating the evergreen trees surrounding an almost everlasting pathway .

” So doesn’t that mean . . . you’re going to . . . sleep for . . . six months !!! ” exclaimed the hair .

” Exactly that , but I may last a little longer if I want , ” replied the bear sadly , with a heartbroken expression on his face , ”  so that means I won’t be able to celebrate Christmas with you . ”

The hare couldn’t believe his ears . This wonderful creature , who was the hare’s best friend , was ready to go into a deep sleep which would last for several months .




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The bear and Hare

In the forest There was a bear and hare was a lonely and he look up and the snow flake and then it when on his nose.He was sleep and hare  was sad and crying and upset.  When the bear woke he saw the christmas tree. The bear was happy and friendly with the hare. They live happy aften with each other. The hare was happy that the bear woke   and the hare saw the bear and the hare was happy.  T hey had the wonderfull picture .

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Bare and Hare

As the journey began the crunchy,papery leaves were falling,Beaneth the branches folwing the gentle widing path.The bare was trudging.Condently the Bare was holding Hare on his hairy back.Soon the Bare felt ice on his nose.Hare looked at Bare sadly.

“i am so sad that you have to go said hare”.                         ”  Its that time of year said hare”.

There Bear has gone to hibonate.

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The bear and hare

Two animals quietly walked through a calm,  frosty forest. They were best friends. The brown  hair kept on walked away. While they were walking  a flock of black birds flew south to hibernate. The friendly bear got cold and he looked up  a snow star fell on his black nose. The hare got upset he knew that it was time for him to hibernate the bear was not happy about it. He  yawned and walked away to  a place to hibernate.



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The bear and the Hare

This is my bear and the hare writing from John Lewis advert.

Happily, the birds were flying south over the river. There were two friendly animals walking inside the deep ,  dark forest where green grass and brown trees were everywhere! Two hours later, the hare was lying on the  bear’s back. Suddenly the bear stood up  and she slid off the bear’s back. Then a white snowflake dropped on the bear’s nose and then the hare’s ears fell because she new that her best friend had to hibernate. The brown, big bear yawned loudly and started looking for a place to hibernate. The hare’s happy face dropped down.


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Doa’s DADWAVERS Paragraph (only DAD)

In the tranquil, calm woods, a gentle bear trudged on a mossy path.However, he wasn’t alone, he was accompanied by his friend ,a hare.Suddenly the brown bear looked up.Slowly and silently, a frosty snowflake drifted down onto the bear’s black nose.The bear yawned “Why are you yawning?” asked the hare, he knew why and looked despondent and dejected.

“I have to hibernate” the bear replied, he looked despondent and dejected.

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Has anyone heard of poems?

Well if you do write in the comments because im going to teach you unusual poems what you don’t know!

cinquain is a weird word! for e.g



amazing , dripping , cooling

never stop being nice in your mouth