Has anyone heard of poems?

Well if you do write in the comments because im going to teach you unusual poems what you don’t know!

cinquain is a weird word! for e.g



amazing , dripping , cooling

never stop being nice in your mouth




  1. Abdul5DT says:

    a cinquain is even used at work

    1. mothna says:

      wow Abdul I love it I am getting hungry! I LOVE CAKE!!!!

  2. hamza4 says:

    well done abdul

  3. leah5 says:

    well done,

    STAR: I love cake! you’ve written what it doe’s to you!

    STAR: You’ve used an example!

    WISH: Maybe you could use a different ajective than nice.

  4. faith4dt says:

    Wow Abdul I think that if you write instructions on how to write kennings and cinqains it will really help younger children under stand poems!

    A small challenge:
    Can you reply to this comment with a Christmas cinqaiun?

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